My Mini Mart Mod APK 1.18.44 (Unlimited Money)

My Mini Mart Mod APK 1.18.44 (Unlimited Money)

MOD Unlimited Money
Capacity 101MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.18.44

My Mini Mart MOD is a game that simulates supermarket trading and control. At that location, you are the owner of a small supermarket and want to grow it into a huge food empire. Present your business plan and control all operations in the supermarket. You are allowed to take care of everything from planting and tending to harvesting, putting food on store shelves, satisfying customers and making money from business.

It’s a long journey but full of joy and motivation. You have the ability to create a prosperous tycoon just by selling fresh food to citizens. Also, think about developing and renovating your store. There is no limit to your growth and prosperity.

Download My Mini Mart MOD – a super fun supermarket management simulator

My mini mart is a place you cannot miss if you like and are passionate about shopping. It gives you the feeling of a projection that is close to real life in the most joyful way. We will play as a farmer, a seller and a true commander.

Come up with clever plans to fly mini mart until it becomes the best food capital in the city. Besides the fun gameplay, the game will also make you enjoy its small and intimate structure. With its cartoon style, the game is suitable for all users. Everyone has the ability to create a talented leader and become prosperous in this projection.

Taking care of food farms

Discover the strange and interesting things of the game in the most perfect way in the mini mart. First of all, we will need to create a standard farm to distribute materials to the mini mart. Instead of sourcing goods from supermarkets or other farms, we choose to grow and care for our own food to ensure food quality.

Take advantage of the land you have to grow food varieties, fruits, vegetables and more. At the same time, you have the ability to take care of dairy cows to get milk, take care of chickens to get eggs, meat and a variety of other foods. Take care of your farms and turn them into excellent supplies. At the same time, if you have a lot of raw materials, you are more likely to sell them to wholesalers and retailers to generate income.

Improve product quality

To be able to increase productivity and progress, you need to think about automatic control of planting and care tasks. Try to unlock state-of-the-art tools and equipment for farming, packaging and transportation. In addition, you should commit to a correct sequence to create fresh and optimal quality food.

Over time, we will need to develop our farm, unlocking new crops and animals. Thereby, we will develop more products in our mini mart, targeting more customers and creating more potential sources of income. However, just touching the screen to move your staff and do your work, getting rich has never been this easy.

Meet customer requirements

From the raw materials on your farm in My Mini Mart MOD, put them on the shelves to meet customers’ food purchase requests. We will need a group of employees to transport, stock shelves and restock empty shelves when necessary. And yet, at the entrance, arrange a cashier desk with product sales staff, computers, receipt printing equipment and many other essential things. If there are too many guests, you should consider adding more personnel and equipment. The standard is not to keep people waiting too long, aiming to satisfy them completely to keep them coming back.

In addition, with the increase in consumer demand, in addition to increasing farm size, you also need to develop your own mini mart. Unlock new locations, add new shelves and add items to your product catalog. At first, it was most likely just vegetables or wheat. However, over time, your supermarket menu is likely to include fresh foods, frozen meals, eggs, and a variety of new fruits and vegetables. That’s the method to overcome sales and soon, we will have a dream supermarket.

Playful and colorful construction

The game is built with 3D images but is quite easy without losing the wonderful things a farm game must have. Many things are in 2D animation form, creating a feeling of closeness and intimacy. The supermarket era occurs visually on the screen in a third-person perspective. You have the ability to see every movement of consumers and personnel in the supermarket. They look quite funny but rich, bringing endless motivation and relaxation to users. Meanwhile, the music at all times is fun, the era is pure.

What are the functions in My Mini Mart MOD?

Here are the convenient and attractive mod functions available in’s My Mini Mart
– Lots of money to spend
– No advertising



Safe: No Malware

Update: 3 weeks trước

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