My Sushi Story Mod APK 4.1.5 (Unlimited money)

MOD Unlimited money
Capacity 50MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 4.1.5

Brief introduction to the game My Sushi Story MOD APK

Your sushi stall has the potential to become the most famous or free to attempt in my sushi story. Everyone goes into the kitchen and owns all the freshest ingredients. Then comes the processing so that all of them become truly pure. Valuable sushi plates create your own brand. Providing consumers with enjoyable taste sensations. We probably won’t believe it, but everyone has the ability to make sushi. Everyone’s counter will be a crowded and bustling area. Of course, it would be convenient to make a profit for yourself, right?
The work of a real restaurant controller is very difficult in many ways. For that restaurant to operate smoothly, there is no shortage of unusual ways. Everyone should also think and always look for unusual things. Turn the best recipes into something you make money. In the land of mourning, things that are related to value will be highly valued. In this game, everyone should be careful. agree that an entire restaurant is completely under your control. Whether it develops well or not will depend on your own efforts to create a daily improvement every hour.


Download My Sushi Story MOD APK – Sushi bar full of potential

And as a boss and a commander, we will always remember our own targets. Everyone’s sushi bar is newly established and must have customers. So delegate the food preparation tasks to your kitchen staff. You are required to collect money from daily customer orders. Match the luxury food trays with their value. Receive money and save money for your business activities. Next find new formulas worth adding. Change the space around and inside the restaurant. Getting closer and closer to the flawlessness that most people dream of. The growing number of people gives you the ability to accelerate.

Handle problems

Being an administrator is quite difficult because there are many things to handle. We will meet quite a lot of customers with different temperaments coming to the store. They will order and the staff should come directly to receive the customer’s request. Sometimes staffing speed becomes inadequate and there are complaints. Tell the customers and resolve the issue as quickly as possible. There are even criminals coming to harass your restaurant, so be careful. Besides, sometimes there are situations where guests break bowls or plates. Don’t hesitate to request compensation for their value. The way you handle it can either help your restaurant thrive or create chaos.

Arranging and decorating the restaurant

Your restaurant should be decorated to be able to create an important impression on guests. At first, everyone should search the counter for reasonable things. From the cheapest items to precious items. You are more likely to buy statues to place in the spaces. Buy more outstanding lights to create luxury. Adjust the floor carpet to gradually look more beautiful. Remember to transform the shop’s walls into a work of art. Each change adds points to attract attention to the restaurant. Therefore, people also come to participate more to develop their ability to succeed.
There are a few times when VIP customers may come to your restaurant. Please welcome them with the utmost care because the above group of people will include your VIP room. Bring the most valuable foods from the kitchen to ensure your ability. These customers will help you double your normal sales. It’s really sometimes that you don’t necessarily do anything very much but still have growth in My Sushi Story MOD APK.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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