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Continuing the popular My Talking Angela pet care game series, the publisher has released the game My Talking Angela 2. Learn about the modesty that comes from a cute cat right in the rooms of your home. Friend. Create a new life for the cat in an urban location, especially with the old house. Taking care of your cat is like taking care of yourself in your dashboard tasks. Give your cat a relaxing makeover and create your own kitten photo. Help this cute cat entertain herself with some thinking and answering games. Take care of adult kittens from the kitchen filled with treats stored in freezer racks and supermarkets.
Meet the little kittens in the game and take care of your own adorable kitten. A kitten’s mischievousness will be revealed as you grow closer to it. You will see small emotions on the cat’s face through communication. Kittens are also very wise as they can tell you what the situation is. Based on how the kitten signals, it serves needs well such as eating snacks, going to bed or going to the toilet. Make angela’s life and yours a pleasure and create more varieties. Make your cat friend and level it up with a few eyes on her life.

Download My Talking Angela 2 MOD – make friends with the adorable cat

Raised you a little cat named Angela and spent the past day playing with her. Play with your cat and learn about the diversity of life between you and your pet. Buy her treats and gifts for your feline friend from the in-game kiosks. I trained her in dance studios and learned soft dances. Take care of Angela to see her grow from a kitten into a small and cute cat. The longer you stick with and care for Angela, the more this cat will grow and have more talents, bringing you more joy. Return to feeling close to your animal and return to joy in yourself.

Learn about the life of a cat

Every interaction you have with your cat will happen in four main types of rooms. Those rooms are likely to be furnished with different collections to create the most comfortable space. She will bring laughter with the way she practices funny learning behaviors. You can teach Angela to bake, sing or go for a walk in the clothes you buy. Not to mention you can also bring your cat into games just for her to entertain herself. Your cat also has the ability to travel all over the world with a few plane tickets received. Take Angela to learn every point and nominate your kitty to tens of millions of people.

Raise kittens

You must take actions to care for your kitten on a daily basis. Your cat needs treats, teeth brushing, and bedtime just like a normal person like you. Angela will always be happy thanks to your care and will become more and more beautiful. Help your kitten improve in every way by giving it treats when it’s hungry and following what your cat wants. Pet the cat and bring her delicious treats because she loves them so much. Immerse yourself in your cat’s feelings of love or hate depending on how you treat her. Raise your little kitten and become her best friend in the game.

Beautiful cat

You have the ability to transform Angela’s beautiful appearance by giving her makeup. What the cat especially enjoys is being able to become more beautiful with help and care. Draw her eyeliner and paint her lips with whatever bright lipstick she likes. Sprinkle the cat’s face with a small amount of fine powder to match the fur. Learn about the cat’s aesthetic under the costumes in the wardrobe and in the shops. You can also try out items for your cat first before deciding whether to buy them for her or not. Each cat outfit may have a different color and you should take good care of her.

We will relax and take care of your cat on a daily basis like real-life pets. Find out her temperament through her actions and how the cat reacts to you. Help Angela feel comfortable after not feeling well and relax after games. When Angela treats you, buy food from the counter and feed it. Bathe her neatly and help her brush her teeth before going to sleep. Make your cat’s life more fun with a few daily routines.



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