One Piece Bounty Rush MOD APK 70110 (Menu, Unlocked Characters, Unlimited Money and Diamonds, Unlimited Skill Use)

MOD Menu, Mở Khóa Nhân Vật, Vô Hạn Tiền và Kim Cương,...
Capacity 117MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 70110

Based on the widely known anime film product One Piece globally. Game publisher Bandai namco entertainment inc created the game One Piece Bounty Rush MOD APK. This is a game that falls under the behavioral category along with planning points. are offered matches on many different topics for you to enjoy. Based on that, focus the subjects in the One Piece movie product into a team. Later, guide them into brutal real-time battles. The work to be done is to occupy the bases to gain control. From there, you will win and end the fight. Furthermore, the game is built with information based on many different functions. Bringing a great experience to tens of millions of players when joining.

Download One Piece Bounty Rush MOD – battle between pirates in the one piece world

Battles in the five pirate continents take place in many different areas. Including a huge ship that was broken into pieces at sea. With the desert locations of Alabasta, Pastry Town, Wano Country,… There are many other areas that will be explored after experiencing the battle. Each area is adapted from the scene based on the movie One Piece. That difference is expressed through external conditions, terrain, and climatic conditions. And the works are combined. Thereby, it will give you a feeling of joy when immersing yourself in the battles between pirate crews.

4vs4 mode

Go on a journey in the pirate world with challenges waiting ahead. According to the 4vs4 style of play behavior is occurring in every scary match. We will recruit subjects to combine into a group of four people. Later, guide them to immerse themselves in the journey to occupy points in each area. Things that must be done to resist opposition from opponents. Defeat them to gain control of the base, then plant your pirate flag to assert control. Over time, each flag will be placed sequentially at each base at many different locations. Thereby, you will win and complete the assigned work. After that, you will receive rewards based on the results achieved. Expressed through the amount of berry money commensurate with the achievement.

How the gameplay takes place

The fight between the two groups in’s One Piece Bounty Rush MOD game will be very strong. In the final stages at the last base of an area. Or in any case, when the two groups face each other there will be a brutal fight. The common goal of both sides is to capture the base and plant the flag to ensure mastery. From there, there was a thrilling and very strong battle between the people in the two gangs. To be able to plant a flag, the enemy must first be forced to leave the perimeter of the base. On the contrary, if they decisively approach and attack, it will make it impossible for you or the remaining community of survivors to plant a flag. This will delay the battle, only since one of the two groups is won will the other team be more likely to have the objective.

Strategy development

Planning is an extremely key point to shape a strong pirate crew. Based on that, you can decide to wisely arrange different areas for each member. Approve attack, defend, and help. Each location will take on a specific role in the journey in each area. For example, the attacking position has to do with the main back force of the opponent’s band. Defense serves a limited role, with the goal of making it difficult for enemy players to attack.

A series of diverse characters

The series of objects in the game are built based on the pirates in the movie One Piece. Can be listed as many people in the straw hat pirate gang. For example captain luffy, swordsman, cook sanji, navigator nami,… And the rest. Along with that came the pirates of many other gangs. For example, the swordsman is known by the world’s highest name mihawk, the seven martial arts. buggy, … And even better. Each object is animated in an animated manner. Otherness is presented through appearance, appearance, clothing, and type. It doesn’t end there, each of us has our own unique set of fighting techniques. From there practice various attack moves.

In addition to the 4vs4 online fighting mode of the game One Piece Bounty Rush MOD. The game also has a single player mode for you to learn. There is a complete lack of comrades here, and no support from anyone. Instead, he was forced to fight alone against the enemy pirate gang. Along with that, do the task of capturing points in real time. In addition, in this mode, it will be easier to complete the mission. Because the enemy you encounter in battles is piloted by someone. Instead, real players originate from governments around the globe.



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Update: 5 months trước

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