Penny & Flo MOD APK 1.128.1 (Unlimited Money, Stars)

MOD Unlimited Money, Stars
Capacity 130MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.128.1

Penny & flo takes mobile puzzles to a new level. It’s not really a puzzle game but otherwise. Participating in the game, we will follow unique objects to explore a story consisting of many chapters. Along with that, we will immerse ourselves in a match 3 game full of familiarity but also full of novelty. And yet, this is an opportunity to show you more clearly the fashion and interior construction challenges. You can unlock many unique items for building and renovating the villa and each member in the game. So, this game has many things you should and all of them are created according to the story’s content. It will take you to take part in unprecedented thrilling pleasure in the colorful world.

Download Penny & flo MOD – puzzle that combines events and decorations

This combination is no longer new in some games today, but only penny & flo do it so well. It is built in a very new way but is intimate and familiar to all of us who play. Participating in the game, we will combine with penny & flo in their super large investment scale, to renovate the building of a well-off former Hollywood female star. Sounds simple, right? However, to complete this work, you will have to go through many different tasks. And you’ll need to go beyond the challenging puzzles if you want to unlock all the home decor and fashion items. Let’s dig deeper into this matter better.

Learn amazing puzzles

The puzzle playing technique here is not too special compared to normal games. Your job is to match identical items to create an explosion and gain points, thereby getting the featured items recommended in each level. At each level, you will have to deal with certain rules, especially a limit on the number of turns. However, the game also provides you with many great boosters, making you achieve big sets and excellent explosions. The puzzle levels will become increasingly difficult, but the rewards for you will be greater. And they play a key role in making you unlock the information in the incident.

Build and renovate the mansion

Your main assignment in this game is to rebuild a super large mansion. Initially, in chapter 1, you and the main character group should arrange the area in front of the yard and renew it with decorative flowers, at the same time rebuilding a location dedicated to key events, typically wedding. Then, in the next chapters, we will visit the rooms in the family, such as the bedroom, living room, reading room, gallery, toilet and more.

Each room in penny & flo has a different design and you need to make it stand out first. Start by cleaning up old and degraded things, then add new luxurious home decorations. You can change sofas, bookshelves, beds, wall paintings, wall paint colors, carpets, kitchen tools, sanitary equipment and many more interesting things. Just like that, we will be able to learn about many hidden locations in the building. It is also an opportunity to reveal information and new subjects. Indulge your inner builder because there are no limits here.

Observe the content of the humorous but meaningful store

As suggested, this game is not just about puzzles and building inside. It is built with a well-thought-out story content with the contributions of many subjects. It could be an uncompromising homeowner, an elderly housekeeper, a cat, or other people with cheerful and kind personalities. Each of us is built with a unique appearance and unique content. However, they all have a close relationship with each other and this will be explained through the conversations between them. The deeper you go into the chapters, the more you will be able to learn about the mystery of pleasure.

Enjoy the beautiful environment

The game world is built in a cartoon style. It exemplifies photos of subjects with cheerful and humorous personalities, while also depicting colorful and enriching game situations. You can find many different locations throughout the chapters, including gardens, rooms, flower gardens and many more interesting things. The colorful natural landscape will fascinate you with its beauty. Outstanding, cheerful background music will help you feel comfortable during the game.
Don’t hesitate to download Penny & flo MOD and enjoy the great adventure. Colorful puzzle boards, unique objects, lots of home decorations and fashion builds and much more will amaze you.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 5 months trước

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