Perfect Slices MOD APK 1.4.24 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Level)

MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked Level
Capacity 55MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.4.24

Perfect Slices MOD is a highly addictive idle simulation game. It provides you with pleasant hours of leisure time on your phone with a simple click gameplay solution platform. Your job is to cut the fruit into many slices with the sharp knife that is available to prepare the ingredients for excellent food. Just like that, we will experience many of the craziest levels of fruit cutting at increasingly terrifying speeds. Make an effort to control your knife so you don’t slice hard items. With victory, we will collect points and bonuses to freely unlock the knife. Besides, there are many familiar fruits and vegetables to chop. They will excite you with their colorful shades and realistic shapes.

Download Perfect Slices MOD – slice vegetables using a one-click solution platform

Although simple games like Perfect Slices MOD are very attractive to players. This is because it is based on an addictive clicker gameplay style with realistic, colorful images and pleasant music. Many times, just a feeling like that is the best way to relax, instead of focusing on planning battles or playing roles. That’s what makes this game a mark in the hearts of fans. Joining the game, your job is to chop vegetables and fruits to be ready to cook excellent food in the kitchen. The tool we will use is a sharp knife. And you just need to click on the screen to use it.

Pass lots of fun levels

There are more than 200 levels available in this game for you to enjoy the excitement of slicing fruits and vegetables. In each level, you must chop enough vegetables and fruits to complete what you have to do and unlock new levels. To do this, you need to be able to click the screen fast enough to complete the task. A series of fruits and vegetables are randomly distributed on an endless track. You just need to click and release if you need to stop. You need to be precise and sharp in chopping fruit, while avoiding obstacles like wooden cutting boards, nails, or any other objects. If you touch them, you will break the knife and have to start over.

If we continue like this, we will experience the levels in endless excitement. With this idle way of playing, the game brings a strange feeling of comfort and fun, right? Slicing fruits and vegetables here is similar to the fruit ninja game, but much simpler and easier to play. Instead of having to swipe back and forth on the screen, you just need to click to pass the levels here. However, it does not mean that you will easily pass the entire level. As the level gets higher, the speed of the fruit will become faster and faster, making it difficult for you to control your knife. Sometimes, you click too fast because you want to slice the whole thing, but accidentally touch hard pieces of wood. It’s because of the time you need to play again in a more calm state of mind.

Unlock powerful knives

To pass the levels, perfect slices provide you with more than 18 different types of knives. If you easily get rare and epic knives, you can enjoy their unique skins in each of your levels. To get knives, you should accumulate bonuses and reach a certain level. Knives lack any outstanding capabilities that give you a better advantage. However, they will cheer you up with their new appearance and sound. Not only that, the chain of fruits and vegetables will automatically and easily transform through the levels. It creates colorful landscapes in each of your levels.

Diverse era

Even though it is not the main thing, the rich changes in the game situation also create essential newness. The scene will change color through the levels and it is gentle and relaxing. Therefore, we will always feel comfortable even if we play games for a long time. With the transformation of fruits, knives and obstacles on the way, the game will always make you feel unusual and satisfied.

Authentic photo, cheerful music

Five continents of vegetables and fruits are vividly depicted in this game. Many things lack authenticity, just like real life. The sound of each slice along the way from the knife is also extremely energetic, bringing excitement to each click on the screen. The environment is colorful, the music is cheerful and pure. Many things are not too complicated, but together they create a comfortable feeling for you.

So, don’t hesitate to feel perfect slices now. It is available for you to download for free here with endless amazing features. Feel free to chop fruits and vegetables to earn the most rewards possible and enjoy comfort. There are many interesting levels that you can unlock during your sensory journey.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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