PickCrafter Mod APK 5.10.10 (All Unlocked)

MOD All Unlocked
Capacity 80MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 5.10.10

The game adapted from Pickcrafter is based on the theme of resource mining. is suggested to be a fun game for us to play. This is an idle game, distributed by fiveamp. With many unique functions added. Many valuable resources can be mined. By using pickaxes to collect 3d pixel blocks to become a rich person. At the same time, there are times when you have to encounter bosses during the mission. Record rare antiques or use acquired resources for production. This game is not built too fussy. However, the experience brings a rewarding way to play. Lets you freely explore the vast lands of many different things.

Download Pickcrafter MOD – collect in biomes

Pickcrafter’s gameplay is quite easy to build in an idle style, especially played in offline mode. Your unique assignment takes the most common pixel blocks possible. Approve the use of pickaxes for collection. dig for resources deep in the earth. With simple driving solutions, it’s extremely simple to use. You just need to touch the pickaxe to collect blocks. Use the pickaxe and break the blocks into small pieces. At the same time during the collection process will be able to receive pps. You should use them to make resource blocks. Over time, by working hard and steadily, we will accumulate a large amount of resources. Complete the work that needs to be done in an outstanding manner.

Resource diversity

We will accumulate a lot of differences. Includes silver, gold, diamonds, amethyst, earth and wood. There are many other types of resources that will be recorded during participation. Each type of resource should be used for work. Create antiques and develop your collecting skills. In addition, you should pay attention after a period of collection. Each lot will contain its own types of resources. Just like the soil in other countries. You cannot know in advance what you will record. But let’s say you work hard over time. It is possible to accumulate a lot of 3d blocks. In addition, using mythical machines with contributing functions helps. Will help you keep working even when you’re offline.

Compete with friends, more than 90 achievements

Although pickcrafter is an offline game. You can play for free from the moment you download it. However, to increase excitement, there is a desire to eat and feel competitive. Compete with them to find the person who collects the most resources. Outstanding, after many times winning against comrades or opponents. We will be able to put our names on the leaderboard of the best collecting members. Additionally, experience progressive periods of time in the process of acquiring resources. There are over 90 achievements to unlock. Get each achievement sequentially, as it happens. Step by step we will unlock all personal achievements to achieve the title of genius.

Diverse hoes, many upgrade possibilities

The pickaxe is the main tool, used to collect minerals. At pickcrafter there are many different types of pickaxes for you to decide. More likely to produce or unlock pickaxes. Their differences lie not only in appearance. Can be recognized through shades such as red, yellow, blue, purple,… There are many other varieties waiting for you to explore. Their abilities are the main point, directly affecting the results. In a moment of determined work. Pickaxes with more outstanding talents will get more resources. However, getting them will be quite difficult. Or you may decide to level up to develop your collecting ability. Shape into a valuable hoe to use in the next job.

The game’s graphics are built based on traditional pixel style. Use pixels to create a place. Although the photo’s value is not outstanding. However, this is a unique nuance of traditional pixel games. Helping tens of millions of players have a pleasurable experience when playing. brings a new feeling, adds excitement. At the same time, the sound is simple, with unique melodies. The entire collection process is presented. Also the sound will be converted to suit the situation.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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