Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 24.0.0 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Money, Anti-Ban)

MOD Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Ammo, Unlimited Money, Anti-Ban
Capacity 450MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 24.0.0

Game Pixel Gun 3D MOD is a famous online multiplayer shooting game with traditional minecraft structure. It will give you exciting battles with friends online in many different modes. You have the ability to explore many weapons and maps along with countless key events and challenging daily things to do. Along with that, you can also connect with acquaintances in the guild and compete with other alliances on the achievement board. The milestone of every gamer is to be the last man standing in outstanding battle royale battles. To do that, do good to your comrades and develop a clever plan.

Download Game Pixel Gun 3D MOD – fps gameplay style with blocky images

The battle royale game type has been causing a fever in the mobile game business area. And Game Pixel Gun 3D MOD is one of the most famous games that has attracted many gamers. It brings a special feeling of existence in the first-person perspective on a blocky 3D image platform. But actually, it still doesn’t throw away the most basic rules of online existence. You will start a battle against 99 people and be dropped into the map from the plane. Roaring from the moment you set foot on the map, combat exists at the beginning and is super brutal. You must resist the individuals that exist from flashes around the world. The ultimate goal is to stay alive and win to advance in rank. Besides this typical mode, the game has countless other exciting challenges for you.

Unlock many survival challenges

In detail, the game has popular modes that you cannot ignore. Besides the typical mode is the survival arena, you can participate in raid mode, deathmatch and many other challenges. The game also has quick matches every week, so you can start a small battle right away with someone you know. In addition, you are more likely to see useful minigames such as sniper competitions, parkour challenges, roller coaster tournaments… As you can see, this game has many things you should let yourself express. shooting and survival talent. And outstandingly, no matter the challenge, you can always compete with many players.

Not only that, the game also allows you to connect with allies in clan battles. We will unite with our friends and bring your clan to high areas on the achievement board to receive noble awards. Don’t hesitate to join your allies in challenges to find joy on a large scale. But really, regardless of the mode, you should master the fighting gestures to gain dominance and enjoy victory after competition. In battle, the skill of walking, aiming and shooting is the best key. However, your plan must give you control of the battlefield and mastery of dangerous situations. Notably, if you participate in team mode, do good things to your teammates.

Chain of weapons, skins and maps

Up to this point, Game Pixel Gun 3D MOD has released more than a thousand different weapons from melee to long range and heavy weapons. You are likely to see the most traditional weapons like swords and shields from medieval times to the most advanced ones like advanced matter generators. However, guns are still the most common weapons with common types such as pistols, rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles and more. And remember to use grenades as a long-range weapon with great damage over a wide area. In addition to weapons, the game also has other amenities such as jetpacks, energy shields…

What’s more, don’t miss out on the many great skins for you to customize your warrior. Turn him into a super cool skeleton, powerful warrior, ogre and more. You can do this in the clothing adjustment section and enjoy new skins in every new battle. Not only that, the game has more than a hundred beautiful maps built according to the theme of the time of year. You will be able to imagine the vast and magnificent landscape of five continents through the unlocked maps. Different maps also impact your survival plan.

The classic way of building a cube

The visual style of this game makes people imagine the great game Minecraft. Because it is built on a 3D image platform with a traditional and unique block structure. It accurately and vividly describes the images in the game from the object’s appearance to each area on the map, pets, and weapons. And in addition, we will see the five continents open very concretely and magnificently. The movements and effects are also smooth, creating the most vivid battles.

It can be seen that Game Pixel Gun 3D MOD is a battle royale game that you cannot ignore. Don’t hesitate to join the game, become a part of the battlefield with tens of millions of players and fight for your position.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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