PK XD MOD APK 1.46.1 (MENU, Unlimited Money and Diamonds, Unlock House, Costumes, High Jump)

MOD MENU, Unlimited Money and Diamonds, Unlock House, Costumes, High Jump
Capacity 350MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.46.1

Welcome to PK XD – a year of virtual continents with the presence of many players. This game provides you with a huge and colorful place to experience. There, you are allowed to express yourself through your clothes, way of speaking, communicating with friends and many other things. There are many joyful activities that cannot be missed here. It’s most likely building houses, exploring play areas, taking care of pets, playing mini games, and many more fun things. There will be no limits, so we will be able to choose the place we like and enjoy it in a special way. Besides, you will never be alone!

Download PK XD MOD APK – Earth game with thousands of attractions

Have you ever thought about creating your own life in a crowded virtual world? PK XD is the place for you to do this. The game has a huge community with more than one hundred million users globally. You can contact and communicate with them as soon as you set foot in the game world. This game not only values community points but also gives you your own audience space. You are allowed to choose your own career, style, build and more. So come here and make your own impression in the five game continents. Many interesting things are waiting for you to learn.

Build your audience

Before immersing yourself in the game, you will start by choosing and creating an object on your behalf. Pk to create the way you enjoy. Notably, there are many skin types for you to cosplay many objects such as unicorns, dragons, witches, Zombies, celebrities and many others. You can also add wings, weapons, and armor to look like a Roman warrior.

Create a personal life

This is the area where you have the ability to create your own life. After entering five game continents, we will receive a small apartment somewhere on the map. You need to find it as quickly as possible so you can quickly start creating and building. What do you want your home to look like? It should have a garage, a bedroom, a living room, a living room, tables, chairs, furniture, paintings, and more. You are allowed to choose many things and clean them up in a special way. And you can have an ideal house with your name in these five great virtual continents.

Furthermore, choose a job you like in the endless diamond pk xd. You can be any person like an astronaut, an expert, a cook, a celebrity, a vlogger, a mechanic… Everyone is allowed to choose their own lifestyle through their profession. Each job has its own advantages. We will work together to build cars if we create machines, fly planes if we become pilots, or cook all day long if we want to create highly specialized chefs. Absolutely no pressure at all, enjoy your work.

Explore the world

There are many interesting things that you need to explore when entering the game world. The most common jobs can be listed below:

Play mini games: in the game center, we will identify a series of extremely fun and 100% free mini games. It’s most likely a game of running, overcoming obstacles, delivering goods, making a snowman… Challenge your friends to join them in these mini games and earn more coins.

Pet care: if you love animals, why don’t you try unlocking a small pet? This game has countless unique pets such as dogs, cats, pigs and many more interesting things. Notably, you have the ability to combine two pets to make a new excellent pet. Note, you should take care of your pets if you want to see how they grow.

Typical events: the game continuously conducts regular events every week, every month or on festivals throughout the year (such as Halloween, Christmas, children’s day, game birthday party, Easter). ). Events often come with a series of new tasks and many attractive rewards.

3d images have fun animated structures

The game’s virtual world is thoroughly built with 3D images. Therefore, it describes many things vividly, bringing a sense of immersion and friendliness. The subject’s photo and other details are depicted in a cartoonish manner. In addition, the environment is always bright, colorful and crowded. The game PK XD also has a number of different locations with large architectural works. This will stimulate your adventurous spirit.

What are the MOD features of this PK XD version?

  • MOD menu
  • Lots of money to spend
  • Unlock characters

Download now to immerse yourself in five large and joyful virtual continents with other players. This game has many things you should enjoy all day long. You have the ability to build houses, play mini games, take care of pets, study, entertain, go for walks, explore and many more interesting things.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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