Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator MOD APK 0.0880 (MOD MENU, Speed, God Mode)

MOD MOD MENU, Speed, God Mode
Capacity 88MB
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Version 0.0880

Do you know what happens in the daily life of a little ant? But every day you work, entertain, eat and do chores. So what will an ant do on the same day? If you really want to know the answer, then come to the game Pocket Ants. A game where you will be an ant and do what they should do every day. Although it’s a little different from the natural environment. However, it is still extremely attractive and a feeling worth trying at any time. How to stand before the world in the form of a small ant. Come with it in the new world.
Just like putting an ant into the game sounds quite useless and boring. A small animal that we don’t pay much attention to what they do in daily life. However, because you haven’t tried pocket ants yet, there are a few more outstanding solutions. It will be quite tempting for those who like to create and venture out. Even if it’s just exploration in the normal world. However, all dangers lurk and crush you everywhere because you are truly a small, fragile ant.

Download Pocket Ants MOD – build an empire of ants

Similar to the games created, we will mobilize dedicated worker ants. Search for resources in many different places. bring it down to the nest and create outstanding architecture. Then comes the repair of chambers and ant nests to increase the number of residents about to be born. Take care of and level up queen ants, worker ants and soldier ants with more abundant energy sources and durability. for better productive cooperation and more ideas to arise. In addition, there is a strong ability to fight to survive in this quite dangerous animal world.

The more we play, the more we will see that this job is actually not as simple as you think. There are many architectural works with unique architectural styles. Again, many steps of celebration and large amounts of resources are needed. Enough to show how admirable the ants’ diligence and thrift are. Not only diligent and hard working. Worker ants and soldier ants are very loyal and die whenever necessary to ensure the queen’s safety. bring the creature with the talent to keep the age up to the best. So we can see the specificity and depth that Pocket Ants entrusts to users.

Acknowledge and tame enemies

Giving birth and growing a population of worker ants can be a tiring job for the queen. And the quantity is also very abundant. But actually, with only one species of ant, it is sometimes quite difficult to defend the safety of one’s nest. What stands out is the animals’ massive size compared to them. Therefore, you need to provide more people. By animals they confront in inherent. Capture and bring back as a weapon to fight for your own ant nest. It is possible that other ants and large animals can fight alone.

Generate necessary materials

A massive ant nest should accept too many requests for materials. The goal is to generate food, weapons or materials after a period of time. Emitted from beehives, animal carcasses or even animals that are still alive. Born through a process inspired by the creation and increase of human scientific value. To create foods to maintain the health of the ant colony and take care of the queen ant. Establish other branches to connect closely together. And create many types of biological weapons to face many great dangers in the near future.

Destroy the kingdom of the weak

Since it has become such a huge world, there certainly cannot be just one anthill. It is a collection of many different ant nests scattered in this endless place. And even though they lack any connection to each other. There is absolutely no reason for you not to invade your smaller ant nests. Kill or subdue the inhabitants of that ant nest. Capture queen ants to collect nutrients and increase biological growth. We will also gain too many high-value resources and whole foods. However, be careful because at one point you have invaded someone else. There will definitely be a day when someone else invades you.

There are quite a few games on the market today that project the life of an ant community like this one. Because it is a rare game of this type. So it may happen that there are dozens of errors and many incomplete points. However, it is still worth playing to give you a more intuitive view. Create your own most powerful and magnificent ant nest in Pocket Ants MOD.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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