Pokémon GO MOD APK 0.293.1 ( Mega Menu, Teleport, Joystick & More )

MOD Mega Menu, Teleport, Joystick & More
Capacity 310MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 0.293.1

Pokémon Go is a scary game with naughty pokemons. The game allows users to catch and practice virtual pokemon in real worlds. Niantic has released a super fun and engaging game. Users will roam around, using pokeballs to find and capture pokemons on the path. Many pokemon live in different areas. Learn many new boundary markers and develop your map. Travel to different areas using pokeballs to find and record pokemon on the path. The simple gameplay allows you to entertain yourself, connect with friends, visit new countries and overcome Pokemon.
Immerse yourself in the Pokemon world to become a good trainer, learn about the world around you with pokemon. Iconic sound effects and nuances provide the most authentic scene. With a fairly easy and playful playing style, the game has attracted many players. This does not deny the game’s popularity among customers. We will be immersed in the Pokemon world full of freshness and excitement. Immerse yourself in competitions with Pokemon to defeat your opponents and win. Let’s start the battle with opposing pokemon.

Download Pokémon Go MOD – fun with pokemon

Pokémon go invites exciting battles with opponents. The user controls their own pokemon to attack the enemy. Join teams to fight and find items. Users can pause to record their level-up items. Overcome challenges and learn more about pokemon, enjoy a rewarding life with them. Respond to questions about Pokemon and receive valuable rewards. Improve your fighting ability and understand more information about pokemon. Join Pokemon in battle and defeat all opponents.

Learn how to play Pokémon Go

You go outside to the amusement park to find many pokemon and upgrade them. Next, you decide to join the team and fight with the enemies in the gym. Includes three factions: instinct (yellow), valor (red) or mystic (blue) for three options to participate. Believe in yourself and fight to bring victory to brighten your team. Learn and get small pokemon and many other big ones even in real life. A variety of gameplay styles let you freely experience battles with Pokemon.

Compete with rivals

The game has competition that gives you great experiences. brings diverse Pokemon species, attracting users’ attention. In the outstanding climate, users can find rare pokemon. Going into raid matches with Pokémon requires concentration and effort. Coordinate with trainers to defeat many monsters. Besides, there needs to be solidarity and coordination with each other in the friend chain. Tell other players to share the gift from pokestop. Next, you can comment on pokemon to get the monsters you want.

Exercise with pokemon

Users move and bond with many different Pokemon, choosing adventure sync to stay in their step. You have the ability to decide your own playing technique according to your wishes and fight hard. Play with more friendly pokemons, partnering with friends for fun times. Regardless of who is the coach or the fighters, always play the way you want. Improve your abundant energy after each match to fuel up for the next matches. Exercising with Pokemon not only entertains you but also increases your fighting power.


Record pokemons and items in the game. There are a variety of pokemon including water-type pokemon in lakes, rivers and streams. You can find tree-type Pokemon in amusement parks and savannas. Climate also affects the presence of pokemon, with water-type pokemon preferring to go outside in the rain, fire-type pokemon preferring sunlight. Not to mention the items in the game can’t make you let go. Pokeball allows you to get pokemon and medicine to restore them after each battle. The pokemon egg has the ability to incubate and hatch a complete pokemon. Complete tasks well and receive many valuable items.

Pokémon go lets you immerse yourself and learn about pokemon species. Go everywhere to find hidden Pokemon and capture them. Enjoy the feeling of getting pokemons and help you exercise more. Exploration flashes on the map and brings in more pokemon. Download pokemon go to enter the world of pokemon species.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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