POLYWAR MOD APK 2.2.0 (Mega Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo, Weapons Unlocked,…)

MOD Mega Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Ammo, Weapons Unlocked,…
Capacity 390MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.2.0

Polywar is a first-person shooting game. evokes very strong battles in many different areas. With game modes built in rich information for you to participate. Play as a gunman and get ready to go into brutal battles. Compete with other opponents to survive. Demonstrate your ability and experience to shoot accurately to destroy the enemy. From there, win skillfully and complete what has to be done. This is a 3D shooting game in fps style. With countless unique functions distributed by the chain. From a rich array of weapons, to authentic fighting areas. In addition, the sound effects are expressed very dynamically, portraying through the movements in battle.

Download Polywar MOD APK – super attractive first-person 3B online shooting game

Based on the open play style that occurs during the fighting process. Gunmen have the ability to move freely and use their own weapons. Based on that, it is possible to carry out an attack plan with comrades. Coordinate with each other and help in very strong fights. Shoot down each enemy in sequence to increase your score as much as possible. If you accidentally die, you will recover after a certain short period of time. From then on, he was able to continuously fight with his comrades until the end.

Online team deathmatch mode

Introducing real-time online multiplayer shooting battles. Form a team with acquaintances or other players. Then immerse yourself in the competition in team deathmatch mode. Here, the fighting between the two factions took place in the largest 5-minute countdown. The shooters between the two sides fight each other to get ranking points on the counting board. Based on that, every time we shoot down an enemy on the battlefield, our side’s defeat points will be added by one. On the contrary, the opposing side is similar. When the period ends, base on the total points obtained by both sides. The side with the better score will win. At the same time, people in that faction will receive valuable bonuses.

Adjust technology in shooting range mode

to be able to win against enemy gunmen at polywar. Competence and experience are two extremely key points. Needs to be expanded and constantly changed to become more outstanding. From aiming and firing accurately to quickly destroy the enemy. To take advantage of the terrain to hide when in danger. Based on that, it is likely to approve the shooting range mode to enter the shooting range. Here, use the gun provided to do the task. The target is to shoot accurately at targets designated by the chain. That not only increases your reaction, but also changes your accuracy and sensitivity when shooting.

Gun game mode

The game distributed by publisher Azur also has dozens of other modes for you to explore. Come to gun game mode to do the job alone. With the basics clearly laid out, it should be completed in each battle. The goal is to shoot down a certain amount of enemies to survive. Resist other adventurous killers without any help from your comrades. Or free hostages being held, approve the act of penetrating the platform. There will be times when you will be a sniper and be assigned to eliminate landmarks from a long range. There are many more missions to do with steadily increasing difficulty.

Bomb mode

Through battles, you will receive experience points when you have completed what you have to do. Most likely to be increased to a new level when the conditions are met. Based on that, we will be able to immerse ourselves in bomb mode when we reach level 5. Here we will join our comrades and enemies in dangerous missions. One side places bombs in areas on the battlefield. The remaining faction is forced to search and defuse the bombs before they explode.

There are many different types of guns distributed by Polywar. With a huge arsenal of weapons to use in competitive battles. You have the ability to choose to find a gun that suits your playing style. Includes rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns and more. In addition, you should keep in mind that each gun has its own process. With different advantages and disadvantages should be investigated. Through this, they are able to collect the greatest amount of energy on the battlefield. For example, a rifle has the advantage of being sensitive and maneuverable in all situations. However, the amount of damage caused is not as high as a sniper gun. The differences between them are also presented through technical specifications.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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