Postknight 2 MOD APK 2.2.1 (MOD Menu,God mode, Damage, Move multipliers)

MOD MOD Menu,God mode, Damage, Move multipliers
Capacity 294MB
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Version 2.2.1

The game that was once awarded the most popular game on CH play has officially returned with the next part – Postknight 2. Still a strange and rewarding adventure of a trainee warrior. However, the main character this time is no longer the warrior boy in the first part. I won’t stop traveling in the world of postknights with a little female warrior. The events of the game will not only mention the trip to eliminate monsters. Postknight will focus on familiar urban subjects. From the events and secrets of the individuals next to it, more foundations for solutions and changes are discovered compared to the first part.
If you have ever played part 1 of postknight, you are certainly no stranger to the game’s structure. The five continents in Postknight 2 have been built in a 2D style. The objects are shaped like small and cute chibi characters. Smooth movement with any task in the game from fighting, talking to enemies… It cannot be denied that all the most obvious things of the first version are recreated in this next part. . Obviously there are dozens of notable improvements, which I’ll show you below.

Download Postknight 2 MOD – the explorer’s journey never stops with many new things

We will enter as an intern at the school of education. To be able to create an official fake threat, you need to pass the assigned investigations. Those surveys are likely to be making deliveries across town. Do the tasks assigned by citizens around the area. Make an effort to get your quota and complete the postknight education school course. At that time, you have really created a false risk potential and waged your own scary war. The process of change that follows will be even more exciting as new points appear along the journey. Level up to become stronger and don’t be afraid of any challenge. We will both fight and complete tasks to upgrade ourselves.

Communicate happily with the character

This is definitely the task you will do the most while playing this game. Even from the first part, the game has placed a lot of emphasis on communicating with objects after a period of time. In part 2, these parts will not have many changes compared to the previous version. When we undertake a mission, we will hear the stories and words of the subjects in the mission. In total, from main to secondary assigned tasks, all public subjects are present. We will see more about the events of these characters. From finding the innkeeper’s lost cat, to the events of couples in two different places. Occasionally, the chat section is as deep as the members of the game’s review or combat platform.

Upgrade your character

The peak warrior level that you can obtain is s, which must be achieved after a very long period of duty and struggle. In a certain battle, you will no longer have to do many awkward movements. There are only 3 abilities that you should use: attack, defense and healing. Each turn you get to use a unique ability and next will be the enemy’s turn. If you feel the enemy wants to attack, use protection. Assuming your health is still too low, heal to avoid losing. The battle will continue like this until you defeat the enemy. Use weapons to increase your strength and build a strong squad.

Record the spoils of war

Once you have defeated the enemy, the mission will reward you with many new items. During the long struggle we will see that they are all key items. Each item when combined will create weapons and armor for the target. Simply replacing one component will change the item. In combat you will also have outstanding abilities and weapons. Suppose your daggers and swords have the ability to be thrown to damage enemies and return on their own or create lightning. Diligently search for materials through many battles. Embellish them to increase damage and be most effective in combat.

Perform all the tasks inside and outside the town to increase your rankings. Create many potential false risks to learn about the world and find useful things. Associating with the female warrior is truly your friend and is the main thing to help her progress. Fighting is simple but full of strategy and unique abilities. Search for materials to collect hidden energy. The trip in Postknight 2 MOD always recurs but never gets boring for the user. Download with your relatives and friends to adventure and win.



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Update: 7 months trước

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