RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK 1.1.58 (Unlimited Money and Diamonds)

MOD Unlimited Money and Diamonds
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.1.58

Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD APK is a competitive survival racing game. We will find here the fastest, hottest and most dramatic races. What we will be driving is not an ordinary car but a very cool monster truck. You have the ability to equip it with weapons ranging from guns to missiles and more. Of course, your car also needs nitro to accelerate and surpass all opponents. These functions are committed to making your racing more explosive. Not only racing but also survival, are you ready to explore that?

Download Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD – race monster trucks at great speed

If high-speed car racing tracks have bored you, Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD is a defect-free alternative. This game does away with common racing rigidities. Thereby, it brings racing events with the most speed, explosions and magnificent effects. What you have to do on the track is to win against other racing communities with the weapons you have. Also, keep an eye on your speed because you should be at your destination first. There are dozens of modes with unique racing rules waiting for you to explore.

Explore the best racing modes

At this time, this game has up to 4 different modes. Let’s recount these modes:
Fame: This mode is no longer new to all game players. It provides a continuous series of assigned tasks from easy to difficult, allowing you to train from an unprofessional racer to become a speed king. You have the ability to race alone or with anyone at each job to do.
Struggle: The gameplay in this mode is somewhat similar to the career mode. However, the track’s character is more explosive because it focuses on crashes instead of progress.
Arena: this is where we will see battle royale-style races. In other words, you need to win against other players to gain the top 1 spot on the racetrack.

Contest: is the focus of many races that members play. We will gradually progress through the races until we reach the final. If you win the title of champion, you will receive the most exciting medals and rewards.
So what is your favorite mode? Every mode comes with tempting rewards that you should not miss. But assuming you are a beginner, start in career mode. If you trust yourself in your abilities, the competition and the field are great places for you.

Enjoy the super HOT racetrack

Regardless of the mode, Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD will always provide you with special racing prizes. On the track, we will compete with whoever or the best online racing community. You need to master racing actions from mainstream to advanced if you want to gain the upper hand. More specifically, you should change the appropriate racing car through the two virtual arrows on the screen. After that, you should use nitro in time to surpass the opponent at the appropriate time.

Not to mention, your racing car also has two key abilities, shield and gun. You should use a gun, aim and eliminate someone from the track. At the same time, pay attention to opposing attacks from other enemies. You can use your shield in time to reduce damage or avoid attacks. In general, besides changing cars, you also need an effective survival plan to become a racing champion.

Explore shops for racing cars and accessories

This game will captivate you with its cool monster racing system. It has countless cars with suitable designs and very powerful engines. Each vehicle can have different attributes in terms of damage, armor and progress. You can rely on these specifications to choose the appropriate car model. Of course, you are given the right to reinforce the vehicle to update it from time to time. Additionally, the game allows you to customize your vehicle’s appearance with a variety of textures, more specifically, skins and weapons. Add the most unique things to create a true racing warrior.

Authentic 3D construction, vibrant sound

This game will make you unsatisfied with the quality of the images. Many things here are built with 3D images, so the descriptions are full of concrete life. The monster racing cars are meticulously built from appearance to textures, engine sounds and industrial effects. We will be able to enjoy a variety of effects from machine guns, rockets, explosive bombs and much more. With engine sounds and bustling background music, the racetrack becomes even more attractive.

It can be seen that Race: Rocket Arena Car Extreme MOD is one of the best racing games on the phone. This game will definitely satisfy you with its magnificent 3D racing tournaments. Choose the monster car with the strongest weapon to overcome every race. This is an opportunity to express your talent and compete with the online racing community.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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