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Recently, there have been many hot games that have become popular and one of those games is Rent Please!-Landlord Sim. This is a fantasy hotel management game with a super small animation structure. Joining the game, your job is to create and lead a motel system inherited from family members. You should unlock the rooms, build inside, find tenants and decorate the surrounding amenities. There are countless missions waiting for you every day and every hour. However, don’t worry too much, you just need a few simple touches on the screen to play this game and enjoy the fun. Each boarding house customer has a personal story, let’s discover more about them!

Download Rent Please!-Landlord Sim MOD – create your motel system

Have you ever thought about having a group of motels for rent? If you’re curious, come to this game. It’s great when you immediately have a huge fortune from your family members. And now, you should do something to develop this asset and make more money. We will be guided by a highly skilled aunt in the rental industry. She will take on the role of a teacher and guide and begin a new relationship with tasks ranging from construction, housekeeping to tenant control. Now is the time to put these instructions into practice.

Build a hotel your way

At first, you should unlock a few rooms on the first floor. Although your initial capital is small, it will be enough for you to immediately have rooms and decorative items in the house. Since unlocking the room, you should add items such as beds, toilets, light bulbs, showers, etc. Since you have completed the main interior, you can post ads to find people. rent accommodation. There are many tenants who have requirements, but their requirements are different. Choose the right tenant for each of your rooms.

Over time, with the rental money you earn, you can upgrade the hotel system. In detail, you are given the right to unlock new rooms on the second floor and some other locations. At the same time, the more you upgrade your room, the more advanced home decorations you will unlock. Currently, you have the ability to upgrade your room to change the rental price. With rooms with full interiors, the rental price is obviously better than a basic interior room. Not only inside, you also have the ability to unlock pets and many other unique decorative items.

Find tenants

The chain of tenants will surprise you. There are many customers with their own occupations and requirements. For example, a job-hungry student often asks for a hotel with just the basics. However, a person who buys and sells products or does business has better internal requirements. Over time, the larger the motel, the higher the demand from tenants. However, we will run the boarding house business at increasingly better prices. And you are given the right to choose the tenant depending on your plans.

Create convenience

Don’t just focus on your hotel system. Renters also keep an eye on surrounding amenities before choosing to rent. Therefore, you should create convenient architectural works such as medical examination and treatment facilities, food shops, restaurants, fashion shops, banks and more. Along with that, you can consider renting transportation equipment such as buses to facilitate the renter’s travel in the city.

Over time, several new locales on the map will be unlocked. At that time, you have more opportunities to develop the motel and amenities system. For example, you are most likely to open a motel area on the beach or in the city center. The rental price will definitely be better and the rental rate will also be better. Not only that, the beauty of the urban map will also make you excited. Especially during festivals and events, cities will be decorated more magnificently.

Become an advisor to tenants

Not only are you a room leader, you also have the ability to create a companion for each tenant. Every customer has their own story to share with you and you should listen to them and give them advice. A person working in an administrative profession is likely to be under pressure to achieve, a person working in business is worried about sales and money, etc. Stay close to the hiring customers and discuss with them. You can also provide advice to help customers solve problems.

Enjoy the colorful space

This game is carefully built with cartoon images. Many things in the game bring a feeling of intimacy and closeness. Each object has a unique appearance and personal story. In addition, they are integrated with specific and valuable dialogues. The motel’s urban landscape is filled with striking colors. The home decorations and displays are also very authentic and pleasing to the eye.

What could be more wonderful?

Download Rent Please!-Landlord Sim and play because the game will give you great entertainment. This is the area where we lead a motel system with a lot of things happening every day. This job makes you busy, cheerful and comfortable. Spend some effort on your hotel to constantly renovate and attract more funny guests.



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