Royal Match MOD APK 18369 (Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Stars/Boost)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money, Unlimited Stars/Boost
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 18369

Royal match is a game with a simple playing style, close to many individuals, this is a great game to entertain. A terrifying race inside the grand, solemn palace. Pair with many events and other playing techniques besides the main gameplay. Users can do many tasks in this game. Stock up on gold and high-value items, because these are the most useful materials that will help you complete the royal match. Many eye-catching, small animations about the surrounding landscape and animals. Take a risk now with the precepts below.
The royal match game always brings a variety of colors to users. Many events, symbols, graphics, scenes and situations are included in the game. Carrying a great duty on your shoulders, you should find solutions to handle various difficult situations as quickly as possible to save the king. Complete them to receive outstanding gifts. Transform the palace according to your own pleasure. Find out facts about daily life, where Emperor Robert dominates and observes playful, funny conversations with his servants. Everything will start from the beginning and you should join the game to help the king repair the ruined palace.

Download Royal Match MOD – a colorful trip in a magnificent palace

Royal Match MOD has a simple, convenient playing method, very suitable for making a fun game. The match-3 puzzle style is very familiar. You just need to arrange the same blocks together, depending on the different arrangements, they will create firecrackers with more powerful destructive power. Besides, many additional items are added for users. They arise with the goal of helping you when facing difficulties in that game. Get more by opening chests, or get trophies from winning.

The images in royal match are very vivid. Objects are built in 3D chibi, objects, interior, and plants are all very cutely adapted. In each level, you can see new blocks such as shields, golden crowns… Create many outstanding explosions to get the highest score. Defend your emperor from sharp drill blades. Pay attention to anything that stops you. Complete the assigned work to win. You will receive countless gold coins, treasures and rare items.

Interior construction

Emperor Robert in Royal Match MOD has himself a magnificent, majestic palace. Users have the ability to unlock several new places in that palace. Discover huge rooms, royal rooms, and magnificent gardens. Besides, you are given a layout for each unlocked slot. By scoring gold through match-3 puzzle games. Use them to buy decorative items for the house or reinforce objects. Turn a desolate place into a beautiful, magnificent building. Use the decorations you want to cover the king’s room, kitchen, etc. and some other places in the palace.

Get in touch with some friends

This game will not be just an individual match-3 puzzle game now, you have the ability to compete with other players. Challenge your friends and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Playing with a few friends creates a feeling of relaxation and pleasure. Compete to get the highest number of peaks or be the one with the biggest game screen position. Combined with that, many events are conducted to create more competitive spirit such as king’s cup, sky race, team battle, lightning rush. The racing tournaments will become the most diverse and thrilling.

Open the chest to receive rewards

There are many challenges in royal match for users to find solutions to overcome. Once completed, you will receive a treasure chest. Open the treasure chest to receive rewards worthy of your efforts. Get coins to buy inside the layout, and help the king unlock and build more new areas. More conveniently, you will also receive support items while playing the match-3 puzzle level. Search for other high-value items to store many great resources for yourself. User achievements will always be certified and kept intact, to prove your efforts.

There are too many events and challenges that will never end, giving users a huge playground in the royal match mod. Feel the match-3 battles with different levels. At the same time, pay attention to the life in Prince Robert’s palace, the relationships and interests of all the subjects appearing in this game. Decorate the palace with some of the most luxurious and luxurious items possible. Let’s download Royal Match MOD and enjoy the fun that this game brings!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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