Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 7.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money to Spend, VIP Unlocked)

Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 7.2 (Menu, Unlimited Money to Spend, VIP Unlocked)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money to Spend, VIP Unlocked
Capacity 1GB
Installed on Google Play
Version 7.2

Scary Teacher 3D is a Simulation game with Horror and puzzle genre. It revolves around the incident between you and an uncompromising teacher who abuses children and animals. We will think of many tricks to anger her, but we should be careful not to get caught. The game gives you a flash to find out in your grandmother’s apartment. Each room has its own mysteries and you can reuse many of the items there to do crazy tricks. The game also has a variety of things to do, but you can imitate your own way to complete them. Without being influenced by anything, let your creative thinking feel the sting of a crazy teacher’s arm in as many ways as you can think of. In the process, we will be able to venture throughout the apartment and even the garden. Many wonderful natural landscapes will make you unable to ignore.

Download Scary Teacher 3D MOD – Fun and horror puzzle style

A feeling of horror is built very closely and realistically in the game Scary Teacher 3D MOD. It is quite similar to granny but is much more youthful, playful and easier to play. Your opponent this time is a horror teacher. You will do many things to punish her for her mental and physical torture of children. To do this, you just need to think of tricks to choose to destroy. Completely lacking in gore or excessive force, this game still brings a strangely creepy feeling. Besides that, in this feeling, we will see some humorous things mixed in. The game environment is also quite bright, friendly and suitable for all users. However, the game’s challenges are never easy, you need to be a clever and smart user to overcome them.

Discover funny tricks

Mainly, Scary Teacher 3D MOD will provide you with a set of tasks with requirements ranging from easy to difficult. Each assignment likely requires you to tease the teacher in different ways. For example, you are forced to ruin her breakfast. And you have countless ways to do this. You are more likely to add a lot of salt or chili to her morning food. Not to mention, you can think of many ways to sabotage her key documents, or hide her belongings, damage her car, get a haircut, create a bomb in her locker. birthday cake … But make sure you do these wisely. If that aunt discovers you, run immediately.

During that trip, we will be able to uncover the delightful mysteries of the house. There are up to 15 different rooms from the living room to the dining room, reading room, bedroom, bathroom and more. Each area will be decorated in many special styles, creating an unusual feeling every time you visit. You are more likely to take advantage of household items to cause trouble or take refuge depending on the situation. Each room also hides things that are constantly kept secret. Please explore them to understand more about the events in the game Scary Teacher 3D MOD.

How to play in Scary Teacher 3D MOD

Besides the easy-to-understand gameplay, Scary Teacher 3D MOD also does not require players of this game to do too much work. Just click on the screen to pick up items, throw items, tease others, or do what you want and communicate with different items. And yet, the first-person perspective will help you have an authentic experience. You can see the entire room, and also watch the teacher through a small screen in the corner of the screen. It allows you to see her activities and position in the family. Therefore, you have the ability to expose the remedy in any situation.

Not to mention, the shooting angles are also very smooth, allowing you to change between multiple perspectives. At some times, you will be able to look at it from a third-person perspective, other times it will be from a first-person perspective. Notably, the most humorous segments will be clearly shown on the screen, for you to enjoy the tricks. We will see the obnoxious teacher get mad after enjoying a bomb, or after having her hair cut, or enjoying food that is too salty or too spicy…

Authentic 3D construction, multi-color

Although Scary Teacher 3D MOD is a horror-style game, this game is still popular with many individuals to play. This is because thanks to the accurate and colorful 3D design, it brings a fresh environment and intimate images. Besides that, the game environment is in rooms that are quite close to everyone. Household items also need to be authentic and recognizable. The subject’s expression is also a point of excitement. And the sound is extremely vibrant, helping to highlight your crazy pranks.
Overall, Scary Teacher 3D MOD at KHUMOD.COM is a pretty fun game. It has attracted more than a hundred million users on Google Play, so you will also find joy in this game. Discover the craziest puzzle things to do to tease the grumpy aunt and get bonuses from your tricks.

Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 month trước

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