Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK 1.34.0 (Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Max Level, High Damage)

MOD Menu, Immortality, Unlimited Money, Max Level, High Damage
Capacity 110MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.34.0

Game Shadow Fight 3 is the third child of the game publisher nekki – action and fighting games in the Shadow Fight game series. This game continues the success of shadow fight and shadow fight 2. In the first two versions, this game attracted all players and brought in hundreds of millions of downloads on mobile. Create a strong growing gaming community. Right when Shadow Fight 3 was first introduced, it was accepted by many people. With the way of playing, fighting acts in opposition without going through an intermediary stage. This game has super strong appeal. also quickly innovated the mod version for this game so that gamers can have the most satisfying gaming moments. Many of the most attractive and unique mod functions are only available in our Shadow Fight 3 version. Please download and experience with us!

Download Shadow Fight 3 – create warriors in five mysterious continents

You can see that the main scene of the game is all monochrome black. This creates a more thrilling, climactic fighting space for the user. In that dark space, sharp sword swings would color the entire area. It will make you feel more excited and more fighting spirit. Shadow fight 3 has a rich array of weapons, but all are melee weapons. So when you use weapons to attack from a distance, it will lose the nature of the game. Play style does not depend on any rules. Users can break free and move freely around the arena. Practice daily sword skills. Create shadow warriors with skillful abilities. Defeating all the enemies present on the screen will cause valuable items such as weapons etc. to be dropped on their bodies… Take them all because it is very practical to prepare for the following journey.

How to play

Shadow Fight 3’s gameplay is not much special compared to other games of the same type. We will control our target and attack the enemy. Do whatever it takes as long as you have the ability to beat your opponent. The left corner of the screen will become the forward, backward, left, right, and 360 rotation keys. The right corner of the screen will become the attack function buttons. Each character in the game will have a different ability. When each key is used up, it will take a while to wait for that function to recover. Calculate the appropriate cooldown period to be able to launch attacks to knock down the enemy.

Prepare and upgrade

Shadow fight 3 allows users to invest in their own items, weapons, armor, etc…. The special point between this gameplay and other games is in the weapons. You cannot buy all the weapons in the store. Because there are weapons you need to reach a certain level before you can receive them. Invest in your target more hats, vests, shoes, etc… to give them the highest protection against attacks from enemies. If you find those preparations to be weak according to your wishes, upgrade them to be able to best attack and defend  in battles.

Diverse game modes

There are many game modes for you to play 1v1, team battle, and computer battle, you can choose a suitable mode. In each mode we will encounter different challenges. What you have to do is overcome all challenges. There are modes that will be quite difficult to overcome, don’t be discouraged, because the rewards later are very large to compensate for the difficulty of the challenge. Different rewards will be worthy of your efforts and efforts to overcome difficulties.

Shadow fight 3 is a masterpiece originating from the publisher nekki, bringing users super exciting and eye-catching battles. Everything in this game is a mystery waiting for you to come and discover it. So please work hard from the beginning of the match to the end to receive worthy rewards. Download Shadow Fight 3 MOD and enjoy this game!



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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