Slap Kings MOD APK 1.7.0 (Unlimited Money, One Hit)

MOD Unlimited Money, One Hit
Capacity 100MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.7.0

Slap Kings welcomes you to the arena of hand-to-hand combat with powerful enemies. Users will take on the role of the target and fight in turns in a casual gameplay style. You can slap your opponent and receive hits from them until you run out of better health. It can be seen that the playing technique of slap kings is not complicated, but having the ability to cause the opponent to lose a lot of health is a difficult problem. If you get the first turn at the same time, it is an advantage for the user. The opportunity to make the opponent fall makes you win but also opens up a new, more difficult level. Slap kings offers users a casual, playful behavioral mode of play.
Although the actual playing style is to attack the opponent by slapping, the stadium is meticulously built by the developer. It even resembles a boxing tournament. There are blockade walls all around and onlookers to monitor you and your opponent. The two separated by the table and used it as a springboard with destructive slaps. Similar to kick the buddy, hide ‘n seek ! We will find a dramatic feeling in this attractive action game mode.

Download Slap Kings MOD – powerful slaps

On the stage today, there are not only you and your opponent but also many fans carefully observing every change in the match. I don’t have enough courage to be sure whether they are betting or not, but their support is also a lever for you to win. The level will usually only last 3 turns because the target’s better health is limited. Your opponents are waiting for you everywhere to confront members with muscular shapes that are likely to make you lose confidence in yourself. However, appearance in this game does not show all abilities and strength, it only takes advantage of strength because of physique. The slapping technique was adapted by Slap Kings in the image of a methodical competition.

Try to slap your opponent to win

The user and opponent will fight in turns. Actually, if we have never experienced Slap Kings, we will find that using the word struggle seems a bit too much. However, believe me, every match here leads to many super thrilling emotions. Waiting for the right amount of time gives the target the highest chance of slapping, causing the opponent to lose. The final slap has the potential to cause the loser to be flown out of the ring because their health is too weak. It’s because the winner’s comfortable moment is at the same time an uncomfortable moment for the other person.

Your opponent

Slap Kings creates a confrontation between you and many different opponents. They have very diverse appearances and manners. You can only use one main character both before and after the drama competition. Start with a game mode that uses slaps to stand on the glorious podium while receiving your prize money. Use it to support subjects who can easily fight against many stubborn opponents. We will need to turn around to receive a slap that the other person will remember for the rest of their lives.


The subject has two real indicators: strength and abundant energy. If you are contemplating continuous physical training or looking for a type of exercise that you enjoy, stop. Slap kings are not that troublesome, you should use the bonus money to renovate. Each new level will be much more difficult, it is impossible to escape the stat difference between you and your opponent. Specifically, if there is a complete lack of new pressure, the game will soon become monotonous. Slap Kings allows you to upgrade to change the target to have more energy and stamina to withstand the opponent’s attack.

There are two decisions in Slap Kings, you will control the slaps or stay still and let the opponent do what they want. I’m not sure that we will be healthy since we gave up our abilities to them. Find the appropriate amount of time for each slap to get the most optimal effect. Let’s download Slap Kings MOD and enjoy the most intense slapping competitions.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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