Sniper 3D Assassin Mod APK 4.31.1 (Menu, Unlimited Money/ Ammo, Zoom x50, No ADS, Headshot)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money/ Ammo, Zoom x50, No ADS, Headshot
Capacity 160MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 4.31.1

Sniper 3D Assassin Mod is a good and captivating sniper shooting game. Introduced by the author of fun games for free, the result is a strong point in the game business today. Putting the user in the role of a sniper pitted against other snipers around the world and they fight to the end, the last survivor will become the winner. Talking about guns, the game has all kinds for you to choose from and you have the ability to change a few things to make the guns prettier and harder to take your eyes off of, such as different colors and accompanying products. With 3D images, it will help users get excited and make the game more interesting, the sound is attractive and the clear images create motivation for users.

Download Sniper 3D Assassin MOD APK –  super exciting shooting game

Users are given things to do every day to complete and receive rewards. Things to do will not be done according to arrangement but will be decided by you. Normally, gamers will choose easy things to do to quickly complete them and build knowledge. Improve your shooting skills and develop your ammunition arsenal. Furthermore, there are many game modes. If you are a new member, choose the training mode to improve your skills and build your knowledge. The game will take you up a block and the remaining work is yours, use your sniper skills to destroy the target and protect yourself until the end to win.

Connect information and graphics

It is a 3D sniper shooting game with a clear and accurate high screen resolution that creates attraction for game players. 3D images project the smallest details as realistically as possible. Map projection looks good, helping users come up with smart strategies to handle situations quickly. The game prepares a 100% new information connection, easy to view and not misleading to the user’s eyes. Helps players have more free time to play games longer without eye fatigue. Best than any other game and have the ability to adjust to your liking.

Game modes

Game Sniper 3D Assassin has many modes for users who have just entered the game, the game has given you key challenges for you to overcome such as droves of drones, deadly fly-by, war machines, jeep chase, dicitatorship, and many more. Another challenge. Each mode gives you a different playing experience, allowing you to constantly change roles. For each successful challenge, you receive diamonds, money, and gold in a pig to decorate your gun.

Drives of drones mode takes the user to a high-rise housing area and then shoots and destroys all the  flaycams. In deadly fly-by mode, in this challenge, the user is placed on a helicopter and aims down to kill each enemy one by one. The enemy is everywhere on the roof of the building and always turns towards you to destroy you. War machines mode allows you to destroy small tanks, and move quickly to create challenges for users. That’s why the gun is provided with a viewfinder up to x10. Jeep chase mode puts you in a jeep and goes looking for enemies to destroy in an urban area surrounded by buildings. In the dicitatorship mode in this part, users can shoot military aircraft.


The game is provided with a lot of modern guns and guns and users can customize them to a high level. Through each shooting level, you are given a new gun such as pdw19 and many other guns. Each gun has different points, such as guns that shoot continuously, guns that only shoot snipers. Furthermore, you can choose a grenade gun to quickly destroy enemies. Please choose for yourself the most suitable gun to fight for victory. The guns have strong combat power and are sensitive in all situations and on the battlefield. Be a wise user to win.

Every day when entering the game you will receive a list of tasks you need to accept to practice, after completing them you will receive gold and diamonds. Usually things have to be adjusted regularly, the developer always refreshes and changes for you every day. There are jobs to do such as shooting sharks, shooting gas tanks overhead, destroying light bulbs in the city, shooting gas tanks under the sea and countless other challenges waiting for you to overcome. By the time the user gets to a higher level there is likely to be more work to do because it won’t get easier.

Sniper 3D Assassin makes very realistic gunshot sounds like real guns. The description of the sound of a gun being shot past the user’s ears is very good and full of emotion. Makes you feel like in reality, at the shooting range. Let’s download this game and feel it.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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