Space Menace MOD APK 2.9 (Full Version)

MOD Full Version
Capacity 70MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.9

Space Menace MOD is a very terrible and original sci-fi fighting game. The user will play the role of an astronaut, pilot a spaceship, fight and explore in the universe.

The game’s era is set in the future universe. Users need to explore many different mysterious planets and potential threats from many alien creatures and enemies. Users can freely fly spaceships, explore different locations in the universe and immerse themselves in tasks that involve exploring and acquiring resources.

Download Space Menace Mod APK – Extremely attractive space gun combat game on mobile

The game’s gameplay style includes shooting, fighting, mining and resource management. Users need to use plans in battle, choose reasonable weapons and strategies and fight fiercely with enemies. Along with that, users also need to control resources, record and use different types of resources to upgrade and change the spaceship, improving their fighting ability.

Not to mention there are diverse jobs and story content in the game. Users can gradually reveal the game’s story and world by completing tasks and unlocking story content. At the same time, the game’s music and visual effects also add a lot to the game, creating a global universe full of sci-fi atmosphere for players in this game.

Space Menace Mod is a game for individuals who enjoy science fiction and adventure games. If you have an eye for space exploration and combat, and enjoy piloting spaceships to explore the universe, then this game will bring you so much joy. Come and experience these five universes full of science fiction and battles!

What features are in this MOD version?

MOD Menu

  • Unlimited money

Note: Need to delete the original version before downloading the MOD



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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