Stick War 3 MOD APK 2023.2.3415 (Unlimited Money, Free Soldiers)

MOD Unlimited Money, Free Soldiers
Capacity 280MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2023.2.3415

The Stick War 3 MOD game has officially appeared on mobile, bringing you into the fun and addictive stickman game arena. This game will delight you with battles that seem easy and simple but are challenging. In addition, with funny stickman images and a series of eye-catching fighting effects, the battles will make you unable to ignore. In this game, your assignment is to work as a military leader. You should distribute, recruit and organize stickman according to your own plan to resist the enemy and rob their base. There are many unique modes here for you to play by yourself or challenge online players. Fully prepare your stickman army members to win on every field.

Download Stick War 3 MOD – typical stickman plan gameplay style

If you are bored with types of plans that require lengthy actions, this game will help you change your experience. It has a simple gameplay that is easy to understand but difficult to master. It will mostly challenge the player’s planning skills instead of forcing you to learn advanced driving skills. In the game, what is for you is fighting and planning, nothing else. You can start a battle in just a few seconds, no matter who you choose to fight with or the online gamer. In battle, you just need to touch to control your troops. After each battle, you will receive rewards to improve your stickman army, aiming for bigger competitions and many new plans.

Participate in exciting battles

Now, the game has dozens of game modes, including show, contest, and zombie modes. The first mode gives you a series of levels from easy to difficult, allowing you to go from being familiar to mastering and becoming a great strategist. Who is your opponent, but is smart enough to make things difficult for you. Battles will occur continuously through many eras of battlefields. We will grow stronger and smarter, and so will our enemies. The battles are always in balance, making you feel the importance of the plan. Meanwhile, in competition mode, you can compete with opponents around the world. Each user will compete in turns with others until they find someone who becomes the champion.

And in the final mode, we will fight against zombies in a post-war situation. In addition, the game has dozens of real-life to-do and multiplayer modes, typically 2v2 mode. Because of that, choose the mode  you like  and participate in stickman fighting battles like never before in your life. In battle, what you have to do is recruit stickman groups to resist the enemy. Each user’s milestone is to collapse the opponent’s platform and loot their resources. Even if the control solution platform is simple, you should keep an eye on the plan above all else. You should observe carefully to make the right decision to recruit in enough numbers for the battle. In addition, observe whether to attack or defend depending on the context of the game.

Embellish the stickman army

Stick War 3 MOD offers a very rich series of soldier unit classes. However, it has 6 typical unit classes, including miners, common soldiers, swordsmen, archers, wizards and giants. Miners are people whose function is to collect resources to create gold coins,  for you to attract other organizations. Meanwhile, swordsmen and soldiers often take the lead role. Archers and wizards are the main damage dealers, have long range and need to be protected by the lead units. Giants are rare organizations, with large HP and huge damage.

Over time, you will be able to unlock many new unit classes and key ability cards such as healing, shields, etc. Each class has its own characteristics, making it easier for you to choose and determine your abilities. Form the desired battle plan forces. But, you should upgrade your organizations over time. You can upgrade them with skins and use gold coins to increase their level. After each reinforcement, your units will improve key numbers such as hp, attack range, cooldown, and damage.

Simple construction but elegant and fun

Compared to many other planning games, this game is really different in terms of visual style. Instead of a high-end 3D platform, this game only has a simple but elegant 2D style. The image mostly used in the game is of black playful stickman. The battlefield era changes easily depending on the map, bringing essential newness. Moreover, the fighting effects and sounds are also quite full of life, contributing to creating attraction for the battle.

It can be seen that Stick War 3 MOD is a planning game worth playing on mobile. It will satisfy you with its fun, exciting and challenging stickman gameplay. We will be able to compete with friends online in many modes.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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