Stickman Legends Mod APK 4.1.9 (Money increases on spending)

MOD Money increases on spending
Capacity 115MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 4.1.9

Crazy killing monsters in extremely fierce fights of stickman legends Mod. With a very cruel rivalry between the hero and many enemies. Causes you to encounter many obstacles in the progress of the mission. The game is made up of behavioral role-playing. Featured does not require an internet connection, 100% free to play. Attendees will be able to eat battles in the dark. With the construction of 3d stickman game graphics imprint. In addition, this is the type of role-playing game that is weak and weak. Here, we can create many different heroes. Approved battles in the dark to resist the evil legion. Wipe out all enemies to complete the mission. It is possible to get a lot of valuable items at the same time.

Download Game stickman legends Mod APK – resist the dark legion in the five dark continents

You are fully prepared to make a hero in stickman legends game. Thanks to his courage to fight the bad legion. Resist hordes of formidable zombies, ferocious monsters and dangerous creatures. Approved battle is fought in a world shrouded in darkness. Each type of enemy has an outstanding fighting ability. They appear in large numbers and attack, aiming to take the hero’s life. Enemy abilities will be presented in multiple styles. Besides, sometimes also have to face the presence of the boss. With dense boss monsters will face in several different challenges. Facing their many formidable energies will cause the hero many obstacles. Even risking your life if you can’t defeat the boss.

Choose from a variety of heroes

Come to stickman legends with the ability to choose to play as a favorite hero. Stand out as archers, witches, ninja assassins, shooters, knights and more. Their abilities will be presented in the course of the struggle. Each hero has a copyright of abundant energy in his own way. For example, a knight who obtains a large sword is more likely to practice techniques from the flame. Archers with bonus attack from long range. shape frozen arrows to kill the enemy. Or witches capable of summoning formidable magical energies. Attack enemies to cause them to take massive damage. There are many other heroes, acquiring super powerful abilities in a special way. However, you should note, the ability will be unlocked sequentially when the corresponding level is reached.

Show your level and fighting skills

The battle of stickman legends Mod is happening on a dark battlefield. Become a hero to fight in your own way. Resist a large number of salarymen to attack. Each battle is divided into several time periods. From the moment of victory an evil legion will ceaselessly migrate to the next time period. In that process should be with the capacity to be flexible. Use the hero’s tricks to fight richly. Examine the enemy and practice evasive behavior. At the same time continuously adjust the ability to be more effective. Sequentially go beyond each period, until a total of challenges is completed. Wipe out all enemies in the match to complete the assigned task. through which will win and get many valuable items.

Levels of play, increasing challenge

The mission of stickman legends is revealed according to each level of play. Achievements of each level will be judged by the number of stars. A battle since completion is most likely to get the largest 3 stars. By means of facilities such as the completion of the period, the number of enemies toppled. And the difficulty of the thing to do, from there will get the corresponding number of stars. Each time a challenge in the next level. The difficulty will escalate with more challenges adding more obstacles first. Not only was the number of minions of the dark legion larger. And their abundant fighting energy is also outstanding. The highlight is the presence of the boss in the 1vs1 match. From a large amount of blood, to being able to protect. Make the hero use all his learned abilities, and tricks. then you can win to win.
Regardless is an offline game that is 100% free to experience. However, Game stickman legends Mod will also support online functionality. Approving this mode will be immersed in competitive battles with several other players. However, it is advisable to commit to an internet connection. Help the chain of servers clean up to be prompted to open the battle. Depicting the skills of a truly powerful hero. Practice attacks to win your opponents in online combat. Win and show lots of energy.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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