Stickman The Flash Mod APK 1.77.1 (Menu, Immortality, Map Unlocked)

MOD Menu, Immortality, Map Unlocked
Capacity 35MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.77.1

Game Stickman the flash MOD APK is a relaxing game with very new and fun gameplay and images for you to feel. You will be the stickman hero with the most special shades. Destroy all enemies that hinder you on your way through the gates. Use your bare hands or the weapons you pick up to deal damage to your opponent. With abilities implemented in a very fanciful way. Your target will glide like the wind to attack and avoid enemies in front of them. A game with a gameplay style that is easy to control but also very difficult to overcome all obstacles.

Download Stickman The Flash MOD APK – Stickman heroes with top abilities

Game Stickman the flash APK MOD is a game that uses a set of stickman images as the main layout for objects in the game. This type of image is also disappearing too quickly for everyone to see when different game versions are released. Where this game stands out is the possibility that your target will be very classy. Will make you fascinated from the first time you join the game. The mysterious flash abilities are continuous, and every flash is an attack. The effect is very well done in comparison to the rest of the model. Will become a game that you cannot miss to feel.

How to play is easy

Stickman The Flash APK MOD is a game released for free on both platforms: Android and iOS. We will join the game 100% free without having to spend any money. The game has a very easy gameplay so you can learn how to use it quickly. When first starting out, you will receive strong guidance from the publisher. Also the drums are so prominent, the possibilities are implemented in a very convenient way. Through gestures on your mobile screen, the key here is to execute them correctly. to be able to completely evade enemy attacks and quickly deal damage to them.

Diverse weapons

Stickman The Flash MOD APK will have many different types of weapons for you to experience as richly as possible. These weapons will be dropped randomly when you fight with enemies. Pick them up by moving to the location where the weapon is dropped on the map. It is possible to have weapons such as: swords, swords, axes… With different levels of damage and slashing effects. Picking up any weapon will increase your strength quite a bit. In addition to weapons, you also have the ability to upgrade your abundant energy sources and skills to deal better damage after each battle. Equal to the amount of resources recorded when eliminating enemies. Upgrade yourself to be stronger to easily face the more terrifying enemies ahead.

Image of the game

Gane Stickman The Flash uses a 2D image set with animations that are super eye-catching and beautiful for you. The object in the game made in the form of a stickman is extremely unheard of. Your object will stand out from your opponents when it is black and your opponent is grey-white. The boss here will be made in a color that is not the same as you and not the same as the regular enemies. to display a lot of energy that has never been on par with other regular soldiers. The surrounding landscape is made dark and mysterious. The dark colors are mysteriously made to give you a better feeling when playing.
We will get very useful features when playing the game Stickman The Flash APK MOD.

With immortality and unlocking maps that cannot be opened at first. We will experience functions that cannot be achieved in the normal version. With the immortality function, the enemy will not be able to wipe you out in any way. Cannot reduce your health bar a bit. Your job now is just to fight until you destroy all your enemies. With the function of unlocking all maps, we will have a much more diverse experience. You can play all levels right from the beginning without having to go beyond each one.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 5 months trước

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