Subway Surfers Blast MOD APK 1.25.0 (Unlimited Turns)

MOD Unlimited Turns
Capacity 150MB
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Version 1.25.0

Subway surfers, a game that is over is too unknown to any of the people. With the temple run game, subway surfers is really one of many great endless runner games and forms a must-have part of each of us’s childhoods. But, over time, the somewhat monochromatic playing style of subway surfers has been able to compete with other rivals in the business area. So, the publisher of sybo games has created a game that can be viewed as an evolution of the subway surfers game with many familiar features but has a very new and very attractive gameplay called subway surfers blast.

Download Subway Surfers Blast MOD APK

subway surfers blast is a match-3 puzzle game, enhanced and published by sybo games, the famous publisher of subway surfers games. In contrast to the traditional run and jump, subway surfers blast allows you to search for rewards and feel new challenges in a completely different free world.

Style play

In the subway surfers blast game, we will be asked to destroy glitter jewels and other displays on the screen to earn a number draw and level up. If we look closely at these gems, we will be reminded that they are in fact familiar items in subway surfers such as shields, paint boxes or musical notes. Through different levels, we will experience different challenges with gradually increasing difficulty.
This game has a simple but super exciting gameplay method. Match-3 is a game in which you are forced to find a method to win matching pairs/pieces and cleverly arrange them in a straight line. When this line will get from 3 to 5 pieces with the same shape, we will get a score and the pieces of the same shape will disappear, thereby opening a space for other pieces to expose. presents a new opportunity to take its place.

Challenges and help you should pay attention to

In the game subway surfers blast Mod, each level can have different difficulty, suitable for each of us. At times, we will face obstacles such as snowballs, with ice flows that make it difficult to stage them. Your assignment will be to process them with the few resources you have and stand out in the fastest possible way to earn the most points.

Moreover, subway surfers blast also gives you items and technologies to increase your playing ability. For example, you should use a drill to break blocks of stone, use development to start totaling gems, or use gardenia to modify the color range of many other gems, shaping full processing phases. colorful and effective.

Familiar objects

In the game subway surfers blast Mod, we will be integrated into the five colorful continents of including the very familiar object from the original subway surfers. With 7 innovative and unique objects, subway surfers blast provides you with a new and exciting experience. But actually, in this challenge, they will pretend to be good storytellers because the troublemakers run away from the policeman’s chase. We will be able to learn about the lives of objects, a point that subway surfers are next to you.

The first is Jake, the main character of subway surfers. Jake is a young boy of his age, energetic and full of ways. Not only is the main user, jake is also the person who represents the entire society of famous subway surfers game around the world. With jake are other objects in subway surfers blast including tricky, fresh, spike, yutani, zombie jake and zombie tricky. Each object has unique properties and a unique temperament.

Each object in the game subway surfers blast Mod has a different time, expectation, dream and temperament. All in all, all of these characters fit the sentiments of an ideal and colorful five continents, contributing to the game’s flawlessness.

Interact and share achievements with several other players

The game Subway surfers blast Mod can connect to twitter, allowing you to pair with your friends and compete on the leaderboard. This allows you to chat and share experiences, and answer questions to increase your chances of winning the game. And yet, high scores achievements are also likely to be reported on subway surfers blast Mod buddies clubs. Let’s take the achievement and let us all enjoy it.


The game subway surfers blast Mod will have a beautiful and valuable visual information connection, there are dozens of eye-catching animation effects but you do match-3 levels. The game still retains the basic features of the original, which is already very attractive and attractive, all the images, lines and items look very interesting and eye-catching.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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