Subway Surfers Mod APK 3.28.2 (Menu, Immortality, Piercing Walls, Unlimited Money, Keys, Skateboards, High Jumps)

MOD Menu, Immortality, Piercing Walls, Unlimited Money, Keys, Skateboards, High Jumps
Capacity 145MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 3.28.2

Subway surfers MOD APK has quite fun and enjoyable story content. The main character is the boy Jake. Jake is quite mischievous, often playing on the tracks. If you just play on dense tracks, there’s nothing outstanding. He painted on the ship to express his mischief. It was unfortunate that the defense was nearby and so the endless running journey began from there. If you have ever played the game temple run 2 or zombie tsunami, we will feel that the gameplay style is a bit similar to subway surfers. On the journey to escape from the pursuit of safety. Users are forced to constantly face the constant change of objects on the tracks. If we are indifferent for just a minute and don’t pay attention, we will immediately crash into an obstacle and be caught by the defense. Adapt to the new environment to avoid being caught by the defense.

Download Subway Surfers – MOD game that runs endlessly on the train

On the escape trip we will not simply run and try to run. Obstacles will continue to appear and you should touch the screen and swipe to the side to want your object to move in that direction. Obstacles can be parked trains, low pipes, trains moving in the opposite direction to you, etc. … … The longer you are on the train, the more difficult it becomes. of games also grew strongly. The running speed is also gradually faster, more obstacles appear. Sometimes like that, when you have run a long distance, you should apply the items. Ensure stability for your life. Skateboards will become the most suitable decision. I practice every day to increase my reaction time and lightning-fast problem-solving ability, breaking my own records every day.

The characters are diverse, new and beautiful

The object chain in subway surfers is very rich. With more than 22 objects with different looks and functions. The object’s appearance is also very prominent, creating playful details, causing laughter for users. Each object has its own characteristics. There are luxury objects that have outstanding features. Explore those outstanding functions, fully enhancing the object’s working ability. There are objects distributed in coins and keys. With khumod’s mod feature, everyone can buy all those objects. There are objects you need to complete certain missions that the chain will unlock for you. Some objects must be at a high level to obtain. Improve the object to a higher level, your object will transform in appearance, clothing shades, effects, etc…

Skateboard chain

The skateboards in the game are very different. If in real life you watch skateboards with long wheels rolling on flat roads. When it comes to subway surfers, those tires will be completely missing. This board has very outstanding functions. Smooth air circulation. When starting the skateboard function, if you accidentally hit an obstacle, this skateboard will save your life. There are many different skateboards for you to decide. The similarity of all skateboards is because of the role of the skateboard. Whether a simple skateboard or a fancy skateboard, it can only save your life. However, there are skateboards that have super beautiful designs and super magical effects. There are also machines that help you fly into the sky continuously.

Fun images and sounds

As mentioned in the opening, the main character in the game is a very humorous and mischievous person. On this endless running trip, the publisher has also prepared more playful effects for this character. Build a carefree jake photo, with colorful, playful outfits. You may come across very playful photo effects that appear from time to time to help create laughter for users. Less drama when having to continuously focus on the target. The game sound is really very gentle. A male song plays throughout the running journey. Background music helps users feel comfortable, feel free, and more immersed in the game.
Subway surfers takes users back to their mischievous childhood days with fun jokes that are never illegal. Paint the ships with pictures that please you. Then, together, they ran away from the defenders’ pursuit from time to time. The mod function of the website definitely gives you more useful and satisfying feelings with luxurious skateboards and eye-catching costumes. Download Subway Surfers MOD APK with jake playing mischievously on the tracks.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 years trước

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