Super Goal MOD APK 0.1.30 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)

MOD Unlimited Money, Unlocked All
Capacity 86MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 0.1.30

Super Goal is a game based on the theme of soccer. But it doesn’t happen in matches with the players on the field. Instead, make passes and score goals with high precision. From there, he punctured the net to win and receive an attractive title. to add more appeal to tens of millions of players since entering the game. The launch house has provided many useful functions for people to enjoy. From a series of objects built in a stickman style with its own unique characteristics. Up to the stadiums where matches occur in many areas. At the same time, 3D graphics are built dynamically with bright image values.

Download Super Goal MOD – immerse yourself in stickman king sports matches

Represents vivid lips with clear image value. At the same time, it is a combination of football players built in a stickman style. However, it doesn’t end there, the game also uses a series of bright shades to recreate the environment. And sensitivity to the player’s movements on the football field. Not to mention the lively sound value, with easy transformation according to each situation in the yard. For example, the sound when passing the ball to a teammate. Or the sound of enjoying a victory from the moment you score a goal against the opposing team’s goal.

Fighting by level

Based on the information of this game to complete the missions through the levels. However, it will happen in different ways. Here, at each level, a situation on the opponent’s field is suggested. We will drive the player holding the ball to practice the shot. The player will then shoot or pass the ball with the goalpost entering the goal. Win and complete what needs to be done at one level. Then the next stage will come with increased difficulty. There are too many differences, expressed through the presence of barriers. And the opposing team’s defense plans to make you less likely to make a shot.

Record gold coins and keys

It shows the events of kicking the ball in Super Goal. Gold coins can be obtained. They are present in the stadium, you can get them by kicking the ball into contact. From there, you can save money to use it for different businesses. Not to mention there is also the ability to record golden keys. However, not at all levels. They arise randomly in a few cases. Through the matches, take them sequentially until you accumulate 3 golden keys.

Several cases take place

Approve the levels of king sport rivalry in the game Super Goal. There are likely to be some situations that will challenge your abilities. At the first few levels, scoring goals is quite easy. Because all you need to do is make an accurate shot and you can go far beyond the defense line to win points. However, after that there may be many changes in the opposing team’s defense plan. With the presence of the central defenders on the field, and the movements of the goal keeper. There is also the presence of immutable obstacles. Based on that, you must coordinate with your teammates or decide on an appropriate time to shoot the ball.


Battles in the game are opened in many different areas. For example, on the sandy beach at the beach, in an urban stadium, on the roof of a building. In an ice and snow environment, even on a boat at sea. In each stadium, the uneven surrounding natural landscape is recreated. That difference is also expressed through the stadium and environment. For example, the match on the stadium on the roof of the building took place late at night. With neon lights to bring a sense of contrast and pleasure.

The players in super goal are built in stickman style. However, they are built according to many different expressions. Not just football players with sports clothes. But there are emperors, gentlemen, leaders, superheroes, cowboys. Even better, you will find out since attending. The differences between the subjects are portrayed through their clothes. Along with that, you have the ability to customize to change your own typical skins and shades.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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