MOD APK 2.3.3 (MENU, Unlimited Money and Diamonds, Immortality, x30 Experience)

MOD MENU, Unlimited Money and Diamonds, Immortality, x30 Experience
Capacity 150MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.3.3

Survivor. Io khumod is an addictive io survival game that you don’t want to miss. It brings you into the urban arena – where zombies are surrounding every corner. As always, what you have to do is eliminate zombies and defend the city. However, this time, you are only single and have to rely on the support of a dealer who sells dozens of different weapons. You can unlock your favorite weapons from guns to darts, balls and more. Everything will automatically hit the milestone, and your job is to drive (Control) the hero. Any mistake is likely to put you in danger. So, prove your smart survival plan and stay alive as long as possible.

Download survivor. Io – resist zombies and defend the city

No different from many other survival games, survivor. Io is inspired by the post-apocalyptic theme. From then on, it brought about the urban era with many bloodthirsty zombies. And you are the other person who is lucky to be alive after the virus test. But now, you and the remaining survivors must find a way to live again. Along with that, you need to protect cities that are about to be destroyed by zombies. This is a very difficult mission and there are more and more obstacles as the journey progresses. But don’t worry, with a simple driving solution, you will quickly approach this way of playing. Be ready to stand before the most cruel zombies on the planet.

Live as long as possible

The game lacks a series of things to do according to levels. Instead, it offers an endless zombie battle that will never stop. Your milestone is to survive as long as possible to score the most points. Therefore, the principle of the game is that the longer you survive, the higher your score and position. To use this feature, the upgrade function is built right into your game. After many levels, we will receive three reinforcement options. You just need to choose any embellishment to enjoy upgrades in damage coefficient, speed, hp or many other indicators. Regarding control, you just use the joystick in the middle of the screen.

Exploit the weapon chain

We will be completely alone in this battle. However, don’t worry, the game offers a series of unique weapons to help you. It includes short- and long-range weapons, typically guns, bows, arrows, darts, knives, boomerangs, drills, missiles, robots and more. Your hero will use a unique weapon. At that time, other weapons will automatically move around and hit the zombies. Weapons with many abilities are constantly added to overcome the hero’s abundant energy source. Each type has unique uses and attack methods. Therefore, consider deciding on weapons that are suitable for the situation of world war. In addition to weapons, we will receive other support during our fighting trip.

Adjust hero costumes

The battles in survivor. Io will become more and more cruel, which is why you need to constantly improve. There are all kinds of ways to do that, typically raising the level of the hero. The higher the level, the stronger the hero will become. The reason is because numbers such as hp, speed, damage… have improved. In addition, when leveling up, the hero will gain knowledge and new abilities. Therefore, he should use many new fighting methods on the battlefield. With lots of great energy, your Heroes will easily overcome enemies, including terrible bosses.

Diverse boss series

The game makes its mark with its diverse zombie series. The special type of models are small sized zombies with average movement speed. The special type of horror zombies are bosses – those with large size, slow movement speed but high damage and hp. They will not be much easier to wipe out compared to other enemy types. You should keep a steady distance with them instead of getting close and fighting in close combat. Use long-range weapons and deal heavy damage to the boss. Along with that, you need to summon many other secondary weapons to resist the small zombies around you.

Construction is simple and fun

The game will delight you with its visual style. Even though it only has a 2d basis, it still describes many things quite accurately. The era of a huge battlefield with many zombies will surprise you. Furthermore, the effects and attack animations are also full of vitality. Therefore, we will feel the attraction of fast-paced battles. Not only that, the images in the game, although simple and rudimentary, are cheerful, helping to limit violence.

MOD features of survivor.Io

  • Mod menu
  • A lot of money
  • Immortal
  • Experience x30

In general, survivor. Io is a fun and addictive game. We will immerse ourselves in the most existential program ever here. Don’t hesitate to pick up your gun and rush into the battlefield. Thousands of zombies will surround you, but this is not a problem. With so many weapons in hand, you can destroy everything to defend your beloved city.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 8 months trước

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