Tank Stars Mod APK 2.0 (Menu, God Mode Unlimited Money, Coins, Unlocked Tanks, Disabled Training)

MOD Menu, God Mode Unlimited Money, Coins, Unlocked Tanks, Disabled Training
Capacity 125MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.0

Tank stars let you immerse yourself in brutal tank battles. Possibility of licensing top-of-the-line tanks around the globe. The characteristics of the tanks are high destructive power, high protection. This is a tank shooting game with coordinates. To win you must have accurate angle shots. Not just accuracy. You have to have defensive plans that make it impossible for the enemy to hit you. Equip the most advanced combat weapons in each battle. It will make it easier for you to win. Each attack only happens for a short period of time. If you abort the attack within the suggested sequence time. Assume your turn is lost and of course it will be the opponent’s turn. Try to use that precious time to attack the enemy.

Download Tank Stars Mod APK – control the tank to destroy the enemy

Life and death battles are waiting for you to attend. In this battle, there is only one winner. This is equivalent to wanting to win with only one method. It’s because you need to blow up all the remaining tanks. Tank stars has a style that is not too picky, but is also quite violent. The one-on-one battle lacked any compromise there. It’s great because this game has a great team battle feature. In this mode, you can freely invite your friends to fight together. Working together really well to create victory and conquer. I practice, acquire the ability to control the tank. Coming to the solo mode, you can practice very easily. The rewards for your efforts are never small. Work hard to win, get bonuses and buy new tanks. The enemy is waiting for you to welcome the battle.

Many modern tanks

The rich tank system gives you a lot of different choices. Sorted by price, attack power, defense capacity, nuance, etc. … the similarity of all tanks is because of their large attack power. However, in the matches, it is possible that we will meet the plane. If your tank does not have the ability to change the gun, it will be quite difficult to shoot down the enemy. Dense tank beautiful , has a distinctive construction for you to feel . You also have the ability to upgrade your tank to a higher level. Their appearance will change to be much more beautiful. With endless money mod function in tank stars version. You have the ability to buy all the tanks in the store. Beautify max all featured functions 100% free.

Many attractive Game Modes

Tank stars has 4 main game modes for users to feel. In addition to the competitive rank mode without intermediaries with a few other players around the world. You have 3 modes of challenge against al: easy, medium and hard. When there is no mobile data, this becomes the best decision. In addition, the rewards when you win in al mode are never small. In ranked mode, the difficulty level of the opponent, the strength of the opponent you can not choose. The first levels the enemy will be very poor, the shots you already have the ability to knock them down. At a higher level, the enemy will be much stronger. They will be more clever than mischievous, attacking you at any time. Practice everyday so this doesn’t happen.

Increase the attack range of the tank

If you find that your tank is not strong enough. The attack or defense stats are too weak. Make an upgrade for your tank. Each tank has its own product and structure. When performing a successful upgrade, we will feel the change in appearance. And of course the tanks when they raise the bar will be much prettier and busier. Outstanding functions will be revealed. Most likely to attack enemies or turn on armor to reduce damage. Download tank stars to your computer gradually feel good

Tank stars race you to the most violent tank battles. The tank battle will lack any concessions or fairness at all. The strong will win and of course the weaker will have to surrender. Attempts to use the strategy of blowing up all the tanks in the battle. Be the last person still alive. We will receive countless valuable gifts. Download tank stars fight simpler.


Safe: No Malware

Update: 1 year trước

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