Temple Run MOD APK 1.25.0 (Unlimited Coins)

MOD Unlimited Coins
Capacity 45MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 1.25.0

If you are passionate about survival running games, Temple Run is a great suggestion for you. Play Temple Run and feel the danger. The monsters chased right behind and the only way was to run. Run quickly to avoid being chased behind to protect what you just fought to get. Becoming a survivor does not accept failure in one’s fate.
Temple run is the first game that gave birth to running and dodging gameplay, first released on mobile by game maker imangi studios. Created a huge craze for the gaming industry at that time. If there are 10 sensors, 6 or 7 must contain temple run. A simple yet fully prepared addictive way to overcome difficult individuals. Challenge the skills of the best individual players. Encourage users to cut their own limits. Rise to new heights and strive to become greater.

Download Temple Run MOD – run to avoid the monsters behind

During the exploration of the ancient temple deep in the dense forest. You have discovered a precious golden antique inside. Just as I was about to take it back comfortably, a bunch of strange monkeys were chasing me from behind. It seemed like the fairies were really upset with thieves like you. The standard today is really to run quickly to get away from them. Preserving one’s own life is the most urgent matter. Tilt the phone sideways so you can run close to the side of the road. Swipe up and down to jump or slide along the road. At turns, swipe right or left. Master these principles well and you will become a survivor.

Obstacles will be present on the path. requires you to react quickly enough to be able to avoid those things. If you get stuck, the game will end immediately. The speed will increase more strongly and the obstacles will be more proportional to the longer the running time. Challenge your will to survive and the limits of your skills. When you play long enough, you will understand the rules and go beyond it. Helps to get a few points that constantly increase during runs.

Raise the level of the character

Your target is missing something that is holding him back. He is capable of doing much more than that and is capable of surpassing it. Make your target stronger. Get all the growth opportunities your audience should have. By noting the pieces of gold falling on your path. You can go to the custom information connection section and create abundant energy for him. Helps promote running progress or periods of effects that contribute to helping. Higher running speed also means faster points increase. The unfortunate embellishment of the object should not be overlooked. It is a great profit for runners like you.

Support effects
During your run, there may be effects that help the target. These effects will make you run much more efficiently. Creates many certain advantages that help the object become more flexible. The magnet effect assists the object in receiving a great attraction. Able to attract all surrounding pieces of gold without necessarily running in that direction. The progress effect will cause the target to accelerate itself for a short period of time. At the same time, while running, it also becomes immortal and changes direction on the bends. Let’s explore all these exciting effects in temple run. Reinforce them to be able to work much more effectively.

Unlock new objects

There are also certain people who test their abilities in this area of stealing treasure. A Santa Claus also wants to test her abilities at this race. The great Bruce Lee was also present at this game? surprisingly. Countless unique objects were brought in by the game makers. Makes you more likely to freely unlock the friends you like. However, these characters also have a quite expensive price. To get them, you have to try very hard. These characters are likely to have a characteristic that is more outstanding than the default object. Let’s see what it is by getting them running.

When you die, many things will end forever because other decisions have not been made yet. The blue diamond will be the one thing that can redeem you. Just invest a few amount of diamonds for each death. You have the ability to live again as if nothing had happened and not stop the journey. It is impossible not to affirm that the game has always achieved its own luxury. No matter how much time has passed, it still retains its own special and attractive quality.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 6 months trước

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