The Ants: Underground Kingdom MOD APK 3.32.0 (Menu, Speed Game, Unlimited Money, Remove ads)

MOD Menu, Speed Game, Unlimited Money, Remove ads
Capacity 106MB
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Version 3.32.0

Have you ever thought of having a game related to the animal world? Ants are an amazing animal, they are the most numerous on five continents. Different from games that take familiar story content. Ant Kingdom mod apk is a very new game. In the game, you will become the queen ant and lead the ants to create a powerful empire. To survive and develop, you need to both establish an economy and compete for resources. There are two species of ants that stand out, because of competition and development. Fighting ants belong to the division that attacks the enemy and defends the ant nest. As for the additional ants, they record resources beyond the ant nest and allocate them when the customer assigns them.

Download Ant Kingdom MOD APK – Build yourself a dominant ant kingdom

Coming to the hack ant kingdom, we will immerse ourselves in a new world of insects. We will be able to play the role of super tiny ants. What you have to do is create an ant nest, find food, and practice soldier ants. Defend the queen ant and develop your own kingdom. Entering the game, users will be guided gradually to progress their team. And were given many eggs for free to hatch into soldier ants. This will help beginners easily approach this game. Since we became friends, we have the ability to independently perceive different things. And unlock a lot of story content and many new functions.

Immerse yourself in the microscopic world of Ant Kingdom MOD – gamota. We will be able to absorb and record more useful knowledge about ants. From names, living habits to industries and other outstanding characteristics. With the plan of projecting pleasure, we will be able to eat right now. Focus on doing something unique to enjoy the game. They have accomplished many things and are working continuously to be ready for every situation.

Start creating your own ant colony

Ants are a type of animal that is very familiar to humans. Even in real life, we can see ants anywhere on the five continents. Today, they are everywhere, such as in families, offices and underground… They leave a strong mark because of their diligence and solidarity and also grow at a fast pace. Ant Kingdom mod is a planning game where your aim is to help the ants create their kingdom and get by.

For ants to survive, they need a stable underground shelter. First, we will need to provide platforms capable of containing them and the queen safely. Here, distribute water and meat to the ants. We need to create different places. And even the springs when finished have many different things to do. Additionally, you must overcome the ant queen so she can lay more eggs.

Next, we will gradually grow the size of our anthill. Even adding a few leafcutters and other materials to incubate a few ants. There are many things to consider before hatching, so you should pay attention to these things. Later, you can hatch many different ants, worker ants and soldier ants. And build your own ant kingdom.

Emphasis on communality

There will be many things to do that you should complete in ant kingdom hack. By doing them, we will receive many attractive rewards. Incubate many ants – the game allows you to slowly adjust your quantity. You can hatch different types of ants to do different jobs. Mutant ants – enjoy the joy of mutating your ants. So that the ants have the ability to fight many enemies and receive many trophies. In this game, you can create an army of ants, and enjoy the game in the most enjoyable way.

You also have the ability to fight other ant colonies for resources. We should plunder resources if there is a need to exist and progress. To do that, we will need to join an alliance and gather our allies to fight against the enemy. Enjoy many benefits by forming alliances with others today so you can develop your ant-hill! Ant Kingdom game values teamwork in the game. Right now, connect with a few others to create an alliance. Consists of many other ant kingdoms, defending and developing each other’s locations.

Excellent images

To have resources and demonstrate power, you should form a strong team of ants. This is the area where you demonstrate your abilities. Shows acknowledgment of the talent created and his boss. In addition, people in general, rarely come across a mobile game about insects. It also has beautiful and wonderful images like the mod ant kingdom. With eye-catching images, it brings the most authentic feeling to players. The unique photos of each ant species are vibrant and incredibly authentic. All the habits and activities of ants are presented clearly.



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Update: 5 months trước

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