The Spike MOD APK 3.5.5 (MOD MENU, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Players)

MOD 3.5.5
Capacity 125MB
Installed on Google Play
Version MOD MENU, Unlimited Money, Unlocked Players

The spike mod is a mod volleyball projection game – a set of sports that both men and women like. You have the ability to be both the coach of the volleyball club you formed and the person directly in charge of the competition. Please present your plan for selecting, training and improving each player. Or show off your skills by defending, passing, jumping and hitting the ball with agility. This game has many cool modes to try, including training mode, story mode, and annual competitions. You can have many opportunities to showcase your skills and meet other online players. The courts and rules are built according to global standards, giving you the feeling of true volleyball matches. Don’t hesitate, you can go one step further in your sports career. Fame, fame and prosperity will come to you today.

Download The Spike MOD – enjoy the controlled and competitive style of volleyball


The spike has a gameplay style quite similar to king sports games, allowing game players to participate in training and not go through the intermediary stage of fighting on the field. But, I think this game is very difficult to play. Outstanding, if you are someone who knows nothing about volleyball, it is even harder to grasp. However, if you try playing a few times, you will immediately become addicted. At that time, focus on training to improve your ability and be patient.

The game also has dozens of modes suitable for many user levels. For example, new members can join practice or story mode to play along the journey from easy to difficult. More skilled people have the ability to choose to fight random opponents or participate in major competitions. Get great rewards. Thanks to that, everyone has the ability to play, regardless of ability or gender. The matches also take place fairly and fairly, with good rules and scoring standards.

Describe extremely attractive football matches

This is the information of the game and at the same time my favorite part. Anyone who is passionate about playing volleyball will definitely be addicted to competitions, where we will show off our soccer skills. Your team will not go through an intermediary stage to compete with another team from online users. You can sequentially drive all the players on your team to kick and catch the ball or pass it to others, jump and hit the ball. Therefore, you must perform gestures quickly and smoothly, knowing how to combine gestures at the right time to gain an advantage over your team.

A ball phase usually does not last too much time depending on the abilities between the two users. And it only takes a few seconds for you to close with the other person and create sympathy. Focus on your opponent’s weaknesses, such as standing in the middle of the field or near the net. Depending on the context, you can make powerful smashes from above or simply open the ball gently over the net. And please pay attention to many rules of the game, because: the team that wins the point will be given an exception to serve in the next turn

Form the best volleyball team

Honing does not cross the boundary of the opposing court. If you grind outwards, points will be added to your opponent
Players have the ability to run out of the field to catch the ball, as long as the ball has not yet hit the ground
Besides, game players need to have a good grasp of the display techniques in the form of icons on the left and right sides of the screen. Just click the controls displayed to pass, catch the ball and jump.


To have memorable matches in the spike, an ideal lineup is obvious. You can create such a team yourself by recruiting the best players and constantly training and improving. The players in the game are inspired by famous players in real life. Therefore, everyone has their own advantages, expressed through numbers. You have the ability to train and strengthen each target’s stats. Think about the weaknesses in your forces and how to take advantage of these weaknesses before thinking about progressing in all aspects.

Impressive 2d images

Despite being a simple game, the spike still makes its mark with its unique visual foundation. It is not a magnificent 3D style but is enough to satisfy fans. The objects, the field and more are all well depicted on a 2D background, the colorful situations, movements and movements in the match are also quite smooth. Although some of the player’s behavior in the game is still quite rudimentary, I don’t see that as a problem. The action on the field is still very exciting, the era transitions well with the ball while allowing you to keep up with every movement of the ball on the field.

MOD APK function of The Spike Khumod

  • Lots of money to spend
  • Unlock the players

The spike will turn out to be a rewarding decision for sports enthusiasts or not.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

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