Toca Hair Salon Me MOD APK v2.3 (Unlock Full Version)

MOD Unlock Full Version
Capacity 70MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.3

Do you want to research how to build stunning hairstyles for you and your acquaintances? Come to toca hair salon me. You can pretend to be a customer and a stylist in this hot toca hair salon series. Use the many options to give you the hairstyle you want, whether you love curly hair, straight hair or a rainbow of colors. You can keep your hair long or short, shave one side or color it with spray paint. The cute and funny hairstyles that you are capable of doing are only influenced by your imagination.

Download Toca Hair Salon Me MOD – There are many attractive new amenities

Toca hair salon me MOD APK stands out from the crowd thanks to its diverse collection of cool extras that you can use to add to your new hairstyle. There are a variety of add-on products for added fun, including mustaches, hats, sunglasses and hair clips. Try different things to consider to find the one that best suits your hairstyle.

Take pictures of your acquaintances to inspire new jobs

The ability to photograph a friend or family member and apply it to your hairstylist’s best work is one of the best features of Game toca hair salon me. In other words, you can almost cut their hair and later check the results. You can also save the photo to your device’s library. This outstanding update makes playing a fun and rewarding game.

With gro, you are more likely to have short hair

Have you ever had your hair cut a lot and wished it would grow back? You can do it if you use the gro role in toca hair salon me. This product allows you to regain the length of your short hair, allowing you to try new longer hairstyles without having to wait for them to grow out. This is a great decision for those who want to experiment with new hairstyles but do not need to follow a certain length.

Flawless hair care includes, washing, drying and drying

Washing your hair is one of the most useful steps when doing your hair. Toca hair salon me includes a wash, rinse and blow dry station to give your guests the feel of having their hair done at home. Hair styling, cutting and coloring tools for everyone are included. The playful expressions and noises the subjects make when you adjust their hairstyle are very cool.

There are no limits to how you can play

Playing Toca Hair Salon Me now is extremely simple because it gives you complete independence. There are no time or principle constraints, so spend as many years as necessary trying out many different hairstyles before choosing the perfect one. Any child, regardless of age, should use this to freely play with their imagination.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 4 months trước

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