YoYa: Busy Life World Mod APK 3.16 (Menu, Unlock all paid content)

MOD Menu, Unlock all paid content
Capacity 480MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 3.16

Yoya : Busy Life World is a virtual game for both children and adults. It is built with five large virtual continents and small, intimate images. In these five continents, you can freely explore the different areas, communicate with animated objects, and build your own space. In other words, in this game there is no stopping your creativity and playing ability. Just download the game and immerse yourself in any activity you want. We will not be alone but will join many friends with cheerful personalities. In addition, the discovery trips are free of charge so you don’t have to worry about anything. What are you still hesitant about?

Download Yoya : Busy Life World MOD – five virtual continents filled with joy and color

Have you ever thought about creating a virtual world for yourself? This game allows you to do this right on your phone. However, it doesn’t have to take you too long to create, paint, or upgrade. There is a whole world of limited dolls for you to create and explore more. It is considered a teaching experience for children. However, with the information provided, this game is likely to be closer to all of us to play. As long as you are someone who loves to explore, create, shop and explore, this is a great place for you. You can also join yoya’s social community to connect with friends online.

Build your audience your way

Before entering the game, you should create and build your audience. The game allows you to do this freely as you like without being limited by any standards. Do you want to be a girl or a boy? Are you a stylish girl, a super cool boy or a cosplayer? We will be able to create your own character in your own style to become anyone. Based on that, you can choose gender, skin tone, face type, nose, lips, hairstyle, accompanying products and clothes. Of course, you can combine countless items together to create your desired shape. When entering the game world, you may have more ability to purchase and customize objects better.

Learn tons of fun activities

This game offers a huge virtual world where you can communicate independently. So, do what you want and join the most fun activities.

Building a house: when entering the game, we will receive a small empty apartment. You have the ability to shape others and make them family members. In addition, you and your parents and sisters have the ability to build a family together. Start with the construction of the rooms, then go to the purchases inside and outside the house. You can build a living room, bedroom, dining room, garden… According to your wishes. There are many beautiful home decorations added to each room.

Shopping: Where do you usually shop in real life? Do you often buy at shopping malls, general merchandise, fashion shops, or markets near your home? This game has all these places for you to visit. Therefore, you can freely buy the items you like from clothes to accessories, jewelry, shoes, dishes and many more interesting things. You are more likely to visit a pet store to buy treats for your cat or dog.

Fashion Building: This game is a fairyland for fashion enthusiasts. It is equipped with hairdressing counters for you to try out many hairstyles from cuts to curls, trims and dyes. And yet, you are more likely to visit makeup counters to make up and fashion counters to buy clothes. There are many unique items to bring to different occasions throughout the year. Don’t skip anything, as long as you enjoy it.

Explore and explore: as mentioned, this game is a huge virtual world. It has many different areas such as the city center, ports, islands, etc. You can explore them with animated objects. And you can have fun, meaningful visits in this game.

Build adorable photos

All images in the game are created in a cartoon style. Therefore, it has no strength to be intimate, living in harmony with people, especially children. We interact and communicate with small doll objects. Even, you are more likely to have fun with them and make beautiful memories. And yet, the five sense continents are described specifically. It includes many magnificent areas, locations, and architectural structures that appear before your eyes.
Yoya : Busy Life World MOD will give you a pleasant feeling all day long in a virtual but real world. You are most likely not dependent on exploration, development and construction in these five continents. Many things are not real, but they are very practical and intimate. In addition, there will be absolutely no promotions so you always enjoy positive information.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 years trước

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