Zombie Idle Defense MOD APK 2.7.5b1 (Menu, Unlimited Money and Gems, Increased Stamina, VIP Unlocked)

MOD Menu, Unlimited Money and Gems, Increased Stamina, VIP Unlocked
Capacity 100MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 2.7.5b1

Get ready for the most zombie-killing battle ever in Zombie Idle Defense MOD. This is an idle action game that combines traditional tower defense style. Participating in the game, we will combine with many of the last survivors. Your job is to eliminate zombies and revive major cities from the dead. To do this, you cannot be single. You should recruit super gunmen and equip them with powerful weapons. Next, you are forced to build defenses to confront waves of zombies. It’s because it’s a long program with many challenges. How long will we last in this war?

Download Zombie Idle Defense MOD – Kill zombies and defend cities

The 2nd post-apocalyptic world is the topic collected in this game. It is because of the five continents that the vast majority of people are gradually becoming zombies after a terrible epidemic. Now, there are only a few people left who are learning how to survive. However, they cannot detect each other to create a team that exists without flaws. It is because of the presence of you mod apk – the leader of the armed forces against zombies. You should gather the last survivors to ensure the safety of large cities. A long journey awaits you in model event mode. It includes many levels to challenge your perseverance.

Immerse yourself in idle battles

In each level, what you have to do is eliminate waves of zombies. To do that, you should recruit heroes and unlock weapons. First, you just need a hero with a rifle in his hand. He is likely to wipe out 3 consecutive enemy attacks in each level. But, the following levels will challenge you more as the enemies become more crowded and stronger.

At those times, you should have more heroes and weapons. At the same time, you should continuously improve to overcome your existing fighting power. In combat, you don’t necessarily do a lot of things. Warriors will automatically attack and target the most recent target from behind the barrier wall. You can help them by using supporting technologies.

Chain of heroes and weapons

The game offers a diverse population of information. Among them, the hero and weapon categories are the most outstanding. Regarding the character, you can detect a series of different decisions. They are the best shooters that create your survival defense. Each hero has his own appearance and abilities. Your abundant energy source is expressed through numbers including hp, damage, defense capacity, shooting speed and accuracy. In addition, the hero chain will be ranked , the record high is rank s. You can upgrade your favorite heroes to adjust numbers and ranks. When leveling up, heroes can gain new abilities.

Regarding weapons in the Zombie Idle Defense MOD game, you can unlock many different types. Among them, guns are especially prominent, including pistols, long guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even bazookas. Each gun will have 3 key stats that you should adjust. It’s damage, shot rate and headshot rate. Improvements in both weapons and characters will help you improve your defense ability. That is the basis to win the increasingly difficult survival trip. But, another thing that is equally important is your plan. You should learn about each gun and hero to use them effectively together.

Unique auxiliary capabilities

Besides heroes and weapons, the game offers many other cool things. For example, you can combine supporting skills to increase the energy level of the defense. It could be grenades, rocket rain, thunder rain, bow and arrow rain… Each time it is launched, the abilities will rain down on designated areas. Other than that, each skill needs to be idle to cooldown. Therefore, consider when it is appropriate to use auxiliary powers effectively. Normally, they should be used in emergency situations when enemies are approaching the barrier, or when you need to face a terrible boss.

The photo is specific and fun

Even though it is built on the zombie theme, this game still brings relaxation and joy. That’s because it depends on their construction style. It brings humorous chibi images, helping to limit the force and fear of zombies. In addition, combat effects such as shooting, throwing grenades, etc. are still described properly. Through that, we will feel the heat of real battles. Not only that, the bustling background music also increases the appeal of your feeling.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 2 months trước

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