Zombie Tsunami Mod APK 4.5.132 (Menu, Unlimited Money,Unlocked, Call UFO)

MOD Menu, Tiền không giới hạn, Mở khóa, Gọi UFO
Capacity 80MB
Installed on Google Play
Version 4.5.132

Have you ever questioned yourself that the publishers (Game Publishers) of mobile and PC games in the past have been too unfair with monsters and zombies? All mobile games operate in the style of play where humans must resist next-generation epidemics, role-playing as legends to wipe them out. To prevent zombies from being unfair, to restore fairness to monsters, the publisher of mobi game s. A. R. L. has released the masterpiece Zombie Tsunami. This game has been a classic since its first introduction and has stirred up moba gamer society. In the new way of playing, users take on the role of quite scary zombies, attacking humans. Very quickly the game received enthusiastic approval, bringing in more than a hundred million downloads on CHplay. This game is 100% free, with a capacity of only a few dozen mb, users can download it to their mobile phones very easily.

Download Zombie Tsunami – play the role of a zombie that destroys humanity


In the game, we will be transformed into zombies with outstanding appearances that are never as scary as other games. The monsters in the game are quite fat and short, with clear faces bringing laughter to users. They look cute, but they have very outstanding skills. Role-play as tornadoes that sweep away everything, or UFOs that destroy everything, etc…. . People feel terrible when they have to deal with you. Many different game modes for you to choose from. Assigned work is continuously proposed for users to do. The journey to wipe out humans takes place over an endless period of time. Zombie tsunami MOD with a super large, huge world, we will freely explore the landscapes in places on five continents. Drive legions of zombies across skyscraper blocks, destroying everything you see. Please don’t touch the bomb. It will hurt your army.

The work to be done is diverse

There are many things to do to enrich your exploration. The difficulty of the tasks increases steadily over time. When you first join the game, the things you have to do are very simple, such as successfully pushing small 4-wheeled vehicles. Role-playing as a UFO, or a golden man, etc…. . These things you need to do can be easily done. After completing those missions, we will receive brains inserted into the collection. When you collect all the brains that the chain entrusts you with. You will receive a lot of bonuses to buy new monsters. Slowly as the level rises. We will have to face many tasks that are extremely difficult and not easy to do. Practice your reaction skills with the zombie army to overcome all obstacles.

How to produce more zombies

People don’t suddenly stand still for you to bite them. There are times when they can hide inside objects such as cars, airplanes, boats, etc…. and are residential areas that are easy to destroy. The only way to destroy tools and small buildings is to destroy those tools. To be able to destroy tools, you must have enough zombies that those tools require to destroy. If that’s not enough, just rush past, if you try to push you, you’ll get stuck and die. For a few people standing alone on an empty walkway without protection, the zombies will automatically open their mouths and devour them.

3D images and fun sounds

Create vibrant 3D graphics, unique and playful monster images. Cute looking zombies do not make you feel horror. You can catch them in the act with a very unique and humorous appearance. The shape is small but the head is very large. They have the ability to swallow humans easily. This design by the game developer aims to bring moments of relief to students after stressful studying hours and not feeling well. The game sounds that stand out are the sounds when destroying people very accurately. Background music creates a pleasant atmosphere for users to feel more comfortable.
The main goal of the game developer when creating the game is to provide laughter for users while playing the game. Play as zombies going everywhere, running on skyscrapers, destroying all objects and people. Dramatic, unwell moments at work will slowly fade away.



Safe: No Malware

Update: 7 months trước

Share by: Kẻ Vô Danh

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