Dreamdale MOD APK 1.0.35 (Unlimited Money, Bag Space)

Dreamdale MOD APK 1.0.35 (Unlimited Money, Bag Space)

Tính năng MOD Unlimited Money, Bag Space
Dung lượng 145MB
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Phiên bản 1.0.35

Open the crisis to find out the unknown as someone with experience in Dreamdale. All basic design tasks such as digging, creating, gathering, taking care of the farm, etc. are all championed by the royal family. Opening the game screen, the user is provided with a piece of block and a bag. Axes are of course used to tie trees, opening up new paths. The remaining bag is the area with equipment and items scattered on the way of migrating users. Record all of these items to serve the task of creating poorly designed architectural works on deserted islands. The first user needs to plant and harvest to make a salary.
People are more likely to grow crops and live together with the entire population. From there, we recorded and contributed gold coins and armor suits after a period of time to learn about the dragon’s nest. Every time visit a new spot. You are developing your own territory and shaping your own story. Each new area corresponds to a difficult task that the user should overcome. Coming to each different area, users are likely to have a newer game. If you live in the sea, you need to be a fisherman who knows how to fish and row a boat. When going to the mine, you must become a miner who knows how to collect minerals. It is advisable to create a build if there is a need to create a reliable power supply.

Download Dreamdale MOD – enter many different functions at work so create your own mode

Dreamdale’s actions are quite simple and convenient. On the right hand there is a circle aimed at changing the target’s direction. If you understand the scam road, then the road frontage will be understood. The user has the ability to touch those objects to shoot guns or archery at the opponent. The person used to provide an obstacle such as wooden crates, fire grounds, hardships, … must go beyond them and fight, the last room has a door made of stone. Just by passing through this gate, the user is more likely to pass a period of time. Here is the user on the screen struggling with the method. The remaining modes will not be expensive.

Learn about desert islands

Dreamdale distributes different archipelagos from place to time. Each island has different structures and landscapes, users’ needs must have declarable activities. The island’s cover is collected by a constant layer of snow. Plants are only suitable for the icy weather here like cacti, houses are just simple wooden houses. The livestock island is covered with green grass. The walls are wooden fences with stumps, sugarcane trunks, … or stone islands built with dark gray strips. On the island, all the rocks are local, mixed and small. Plants only have dry branches left, and there are skeletons left on the earth.

Build your own world

At first, users neatly arranged and cleaned the stumps, hard rocks or dust in the middle of the red puddle. At the same time, proceed to shape your main island with the products taken. When there is an empty area with a talent created, a yellow arrow appears here. As soon as you click on this arrow, the necessary user products to create this location appear. There is also the possibility of adding small square plots of land. Then use it to grow foods such as tomatoes, eggplants, rice, corn, etc. whenever the user collects or creates. Use it to refill mana on a completed island.


When the user arrives in front of a palace to play yellow, the environment of the emperor and queen. There are entourages with bad intentions who want to invade the prince’s house. Your job is to play the role of a good cavalryman with excellent abilities. Use small arms that are on the road. Use them to argue with the wrong people, the evil epidemic monsters. There is a fighting area that is even more terrifying than when the sacred dragons were trapped. Blue, white, red dragons with sharp fangs and knowing how to fly. Use the actions I practice to slay these dragons.

Want to change the functionality of your object in a new area. In addition to modifying technical aids, appropriate clothing modifications must be made. For example, a farmer often wears a colorful outfit and holds a beautiful object in his hand. On the back pocket contains brown color. Or a red long-sleeved T-shirt paired with blue jeans. Please download the dreamdale mod and explore new and interesting islands and other strange things.



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